Wallaby – Flash-to-HTML5 Conversion Tool

Wallaby, a new technology preview from Adobe Labs proves that HTML5 is no more a Flash killer. People began using Flash from the day web animations and banner ads started emerging and it has reached millions of users around the world. The time has arrived to replace Flash animations with HTML5. Adobe has taken it into account and has released an experimental technology codenamed 'Wallaby' to deliver graphic and animation content across devices that do not support Flash...

Multiple Rounded Corner CSS Boxes Using a Single Image

In web designing, rounded corners play a vital role in various places. They not just look good but also allow one to create unique effects. There are many methods to achieve this effect. And, we have come up with a very simple, clean and reusable technique to create multi-sized rounded corner CSS boxes using a single image with drop shadow effects. In this short tutorial, we'll explain you on how to achieve this effect with a simple example. Before we proceed with this example, what we...

Multicolor Tabbed Menu using jQuery and CSS

Tabbed menu is getting quite popular with many well known websites and blogs. The reason for its fame is its easy to navigate functions. When you Google, you get various kinds of Tabbed Menu tutorials, but most of them give almost the pretty same look. In this post we are going to teach you how to create a multicolor tabbed menu using jQuery and CSS. Before getting into the tutorial, download jQuery and place it on your server. Then change the jQuery path and link up using the script...

The Forgotten Fundamentals of SEO

Many websites that look stunning in design, doesn't clear the validation. When we run them through a validator, they list fairy big list of errors through validator. A website code is just a part of search engine optimization process, but it does have a huge impact on users. Because clearly coded / error free coded website have a benefit of, Cross Browser Compatibility Faster Loading Time Better Accessibility Code optimization is the process of making changes in the HTML and...

How to add style to your breadcrumbs using CSS

Here is a simple way to create a scalable and stylish breadcrumb. To start with, declare a simple unordered list as follows: Here is the HTML code: <ul id="breadcrumbs"> <li><a href="#">Home</a></li> <li><a href="#">Services</a></li> <li><a href="#">Web Design</a></li> <li><a href="#">Portfolio</a></li> <li>Current Page Title</li> </ul> All...

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