Fun at Work

Top 10 Meeting Etiquettes

Following etiquettes in a corporate environment is very important. Each occasion has a different etiquette. We are going to talk a bit about meeting etiquette as these meetings have become an essential part of an organization to discuss various issues related to a company. Let us have a look at the top ten meeting etiquette. Dress appropriately. Just go with professional attire and that will do. Take extra care when it comes to your foot wear and socks. Dirty or torn socks can...

Boost Your Productivity At Work

Most of us work 8 hours a day and some even more than that. It does not matter how many hours you toil in the office. All that counts is the amount and quality of work that you have done at the end of the day. It seems impossible to be more productive in a 8 hour window without having an encounter with stress. How does one keep their mind calm and happy and at the same time be more productive?  It is not rocket science. You just have to make a few changes within yourselves combined with a...

Business Trip-What You Need To Know

There is something about travelling. It gives you an adventurous feeling, offers a chance to develop your business by meeting potential clients  and offers you an opportunity to explore new places. We feel excited when travelling to a new country. But when it comes to packing we just turn the house upside down and still end up boarding the flight missing something important. Here are a few tips to those rookie travellers. Read on! The rule of the thumb is to pack lighter so that you can...

Elevate Your Etiquette

Sure, it is fun to ride an elevator up and down! People often take it for granted and forget to perform the common acts of courtesy. Here are a few points to help everyday "elevator riders". Before thinking of taking an elevator ask this to yourself.”Do I really need to take an elevator?” If you are going to travel one or two floors it is better to walk, which will help in fitting someone else on that elevator with a  more urgent agenda and that someone could be travelling many floors....

De-stress Now: 25 Little Things to Savor in Life

Corporate life can take its toll on us in the long run. We tend to become over-stressed, depressed or exceptionally busy, with no time for friends and loved ones. In the chaos of our daily busyness, we can miss out on a lot of things, especially the little somethings of life. Life always has surprises. It has unresolved mysteries. Mysteries that cannot be solved  howsoever hard you think. Everything happens for a reason. And some reasons go  beyond our knowledge. Life is very uncertain. No...

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