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8 Ways to Strike Gold at the App Store This Holiday Season [Infographic]

The holiday season is here and we are inching closer to Christmas! The spirit of celebration is in the air and we are all so full of cheer. We couldn't have chosen a better time to roll out the 10th infographic in our information graphic series, which has been specially designed for app developers looking to maximize their revenue this holiday season. 8 Ways to Strike Gold at the App Store This Holiday Season provides an in-depth look at what causes the App Store's sales to soar, and how...

App Optimization for iOS 7 [Infographic]

This week, we have rolled out the 9th information graphic in our infographic series - App Optimization for iOS 7, which has been specially designed for iOS app developers. It offers insights on the new features and tools available in Apple's latest OS, and encourages app developers (who have not yet made the iOS 7 leap) to move their apps forward to avoid providing users with an outdated app experience. iOS 7 has widened the field of opportunities for app developers, and also paved the way...

4 Latest Trends in Mobile Apps Marketing

It’s a well known fact that one of the fastest growing fields is that of mobile apps, and there are certain factors that govern the shelf life of each app. One can’t just release an app into the market, and expect it to run for the sole reason that it was created. Here are four of the latest trends in the market that decide whether an app stays or goes. 1. Localization When you go to an app store for Apple or Android, and you’re looking for a certain application, the first thing...

9 Steps to Build an Engaging Facebook Page for Your Mobile App

When most people think of building an engaging Facebook page for their mobile app, they do not consider what the actual work entails. There are many arbitrary 'social media marketers’ out there, peddling their apparent marketing skills without actually having any real skills. Building an engaging Facebook page for a mobile app takes a considerable amount of research and planning. Part of this research involves actually understanding the platform itself and how it works, the regulations and...

Top 4 iOS 7 Features that Mobile App Marketers Should Know

Everyone in the field of mobile app marketing is aware of Apple and its innovations. Its operating system, called iOS, is arguably the world's leading and preferred system, as far as hand-held or mobile devices are concerned. Since its inception on April 1, 1976, Apple has consistently presented the world with its cutting-edge technological advances. From this great giant comes a new invention. A complete overhaul of their iOS, which ushers in iOS7. This system boasts a completely new...

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