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Fund Start

DCI's Fund Start for venture capital and Start-ups

Fund Start is our solution to venture capitals and startups that are on the lookout for game-changing talent. Fund Start, a strategy developed to further DCI’s world-class business expertise, offers a new platform wherein venture capitals and startups benefit from our top notch Web and mobile solutions.

DCI acts as a bridge between VCs and startups by positioning itself as a service provider linking them, thereby accelerating their prospects in addition to strengthening its own global footprint.

For Venture Capitals:

Maneuvering fledgling companies through their early ups and downs can be a daunting task for venture capitalists. VCs are now looking at the ability of startups to move into the year-to-year growth and profitability phase. Our association with VCs relieves them of the stress of locating suitable service providers for the startups they are funding. With DCI’s reliable IT solutions, VCs can be sure that their startups are in safe hands.

For Startups:

For startups expecting to make it big with explosive growth, getting the right talent on board is crucial. Being the launchpad from where various businesses have met with soaring success, our drive, determination and commitment help startups build their ideas into a thriving business. Our Fund Start team defines, designs and develops Web and mobile solutions for startups and provides them with the right information and opportunities to make it big. VCs can get our name across to new startups and we’ll facilitate the expansion of startup businesses.

If you are looking to know more about Fund Start, contact us here!

Startup 360° Magazine

In addition to Fund Start, yet another initiative of ours for the startup and VC community is a monthly magazine, Startup 360°. Startup 360° enjoyed a successful launch at the 9th India Digital Summit, New Delhi, and hit the newsstands in January 2015.

DCI's Fund Start for Startup 360° Magazine

Startup 360° features news and analysis of what’s happening in the sector across the world, and aims to become a leading magazine for startups and the funding space. We believe in supporting and connecting startups, leading VC firms, angel networks, and HNIs, by providing a platform to introduce themselves to each other, and to customers and readers, as well. We look to build a growing community of shared interests and innovations, and facilitate useful connections and collaborations.

If you have a success story, or a message/product/service that could make a difference to others in the community, we would be happy to have you featured in our magazine’s cover story, articles, or ads. Contact us here to reserve a slot for this month’s issue!


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