News Crew Tracker

News Crew Tracker was designed and reviewed by journalists and photographers. It’s a website and app that works on computers and smartphones and automatically shows live updates of what’s happening with staff movements and assignments.

Every staff member (or alternatively just the chief of staff) can see who is closest to an assignment and how long it will take them to get there.
Get live updates about who’s working on which assignment and how much progress has been made.
Send group messages to alert everyone instantly. Instead of no one or everyone rushing to breaking news, ensure the right people are sent.
A user’s phone will vibrate and they’ll get an alert when they receive a new assignment or details of their current assignments change.
Staff can stay logged in 24-7 so they can be located for overnight call outs. Alternatively staff who want privacy can set the app to automatically disconnect at a set time each day.
News Crew Tracker can just be used to locate staff on a map. Or it can also become a constantly updating assignment management tool to replace newsroom whiteboards and shared documents.
Your newsroom will get its own password protected group so competing media outlets can’t get access. If any unwanted person does get access they can be instantly seen and removed.
The only cost to a newsroom is one flat fee per month. Staff login for free.

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