13 Ways to Charge Yourself for Productivity

13 Ways to Charge Yourself for Productivity


Companies wish to gain optimum growth, always look for a way to improve productivity. To have a successful career, it is also important for individuals to “produce more”. There are some simple steps, which can ease your way to improve your productivity.

Be Productive

1. Try to get up early in the morning. This is not only a good habit, but also makes you active through out the day.

2. Arrive early. Being punctual earns you a good name and helps you in accelerating through your tasks.

3. Planning is essential to perform. Start your day with prioritizing your to do list. Then begin to work. For most people starting is the hardest part. Once they get started, nothing can stop them. Who knows? You may be one among them.

4. It will not useful for you to read three newspapers daily and spend four hours with TV, unless you work in the news industry. Avoid getting overloaded with information. Useless pieces of facts won’t help you to improve your career.

5. Find out the time of the day, when you are more productive. Optimize your work schedule accordingly. Most people prefer morning time for it.

6. Don’t multitask. It can’t improve your productivity. You should focus on one thing at a time. Once you start a task, deal with it, until you finish it completely. Don’t shift to another in the middle. It will waste time.

7. You should have some worthwhile goals. Without goals you cannot proceed further. Speak to your friends about your goals. That would definitely make you accountable for it and you would have no other way than moving towards it.

8. Write your most important tasks in small note or calendar. Categorize similar tasks like posting blogs, reading mails etc., It will help you in a great deal to save time.

9. You should be prepared to do deal with harder tasks first. While starting a difficult task, break it down into manageable segments. Set your own deadline to finish it. Reward yourself once you finished a big task. This will help you to overcome procrastination.

10. If you work with computers, learn keyboard shortcuts and improve your typing speed. Don’t get distracted by Internet messengers, Flickr, Facebook etc., at working time. Avoid checking mails more than three times a day. It can steal precious time from you. Mails and Internet are considered as villains to productivity. Try to work offline, if possible. But sometimes music can help you to get focused in the task.

11. Phones can be a time saver or a time stealer. To avoid becoming slave to the phone, you should control your call. Don’t get controlled by your callers.

12. To increase the working time, don’t cut short your sleeping time. It is unhealthy and it will demoralize you. In no way it can help you to increase productivity. On the contrary you may end up with illness.

13. And finally learn to love what you do. It will take you to the heights of your career.

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