Are You New To The World Of Android? 7 Self-Help Tips For New Android Users

Are You New To The World Of Android? 7 Self-Help Tips For New Android Users


Android is an open operating system, especially designed for the comfort of its users. The tough competition in the Smartphone market is getting complicated day by day with such brilliant operating systems. It gives enormous freedom to its users to use this system in any of their favorite Smartphone options. There are plenty of superduper applications to make your life simpler and smarter. This post will also help you in exploring such splendid Android apps for your everyday living. If you have made a wise decision to switch to this flexible mode, then your wait is over here. Just follow these simple seven self-help tips that would help the beginners or the new Android users to get set go with the innovative range of Android phones.

1.  Experience a secure environment:

You can feel the comfort of using a secure Google account as the Google Authenticator sends the changing passwords to your phone. You can follow the setup process to start the configuration of your Google Account and use the two-step verification process. This is just to keep your information protected and safeguard your Google Account, when you use the same password on many sites. For this reason, you can setup explicit passwords for each application that requires a password.

2.    Enjoy the pleasure of unlimited free photo storage:

The privileged users of Google Plus are given the option of uploading unlimited photos and videos (less than 15 minutes duration) to Google Photos at zero cost evermore. The users can also upload their pictures to Google Photos by using Picasa. Photos that are upto the size of 2048px X 2048px can be saved and the larger images are re-sized gradually. Google gets an automatic update of the phones in Android phones.

3.    Search the flights of your choice just from your phone:

There is a brand new app launched by Hipmunk on the android, which facilitates you to search for your flights on your phone. This is an incredible app that saves much of your time.

4.    Google maps help you better on your trips:

Google maps can be your best friend when you are on your offline trips. You can select a particular location and download the map area that is within a 10 mile square. This can be your ideal partner for your short trips, where the signal is very weak. It also saves your battery. You can also use the public transit and get the stop using Google maps.

5.    Photos of your choice – the all in one medium:

Yet another tremendous app is launched on Android by Flickr. This app enables you to take stunning pictures of your choice using the in-app camera. After which you can improvise it with the filters (ala Instagram). These fine pictures can be shared through Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Email and WordPress. One more exciting thing you can do is to share a Photo session link in a browser, invite your friends and walk them through the Photo gallery. Interesting right! Your friends can see all that you do to your pictures.

6.    Enhanced video calling:

Enhanced video calling is available on Android phones through Skype. This helps you in making free video calls from your phone on any carrier.

7.    Free medical advise, movies and much more:

You are allowed to post your questions for your local Doctors to answer anytime on Health tap. You can also call your Physician and fix an appointment. Many blockbuster movies are launched freely on Crackle. You can watch your favorite movies without any hindrance and the list includes a wide selection of movies. Apart from this Android also has numerous stunning features and mind-blowing apps developed by many vigilant Android app developers. Get ready to explore the joy of being in a jocund Android company.

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