Joomla For Dummies Even Mummies Won't Forget

Joomla For Dummies Even Mummies Won't Forget


With a large sector of websites being developed using Content Management Systems, it is of utmost importance for website owners and developers to choose the right CMS for their needs. The wide range of Content Management Systems available today, however, make it a daunting prospect to choose the right CMS.

Some factors to take into account while choosing a CMS are :

  • Simple Installation
  • User friendly and comprehensive admin panel
  • Availability of plugins and modules for extended functionality
  • Simple template manipulation
  • Helpful user community

Why Joomla? Joomla is designed in such a way that it can be set up easily even by a novice user. All credits to its  simple and quick  installation process, Joomla is the best recommended CMS for anyone who wants to build a site in just a few minutes. This CMS offers a large number of extensions that are available to users from the Joomla Extension Directory, considered to be the true power of Joomla.

Joomla is game for anything: Joomla is one most flexible CMS that can be used by users around the globe to build websites of all shapes and sizes. Whether it be an eCommerce website, or a community website, a government application website, a community-based portal, or a corporate website or a normal personal website , Joomla  is game for anything. The CMS is a powerhouse of capabilities that can help users in any kind of website building. Its powerful features have earned it tremendous recognition from users.

Joomla features even mummies would love: Joomla provides many features such as User Management, Content Management, Banner Management, Template Management, Web link Management, Newsfeed Management, Polls, Search, Web services and a lot more.

The latest version of Joomla 1.5 supports Template Over-riding, where one can control and change the look and layout of the output of Joomla Modules and Extensions without disturbing the core Joomla code. This feature gives website designers a certain level of control over the layout and the design of the website.

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