Top 10 Meeting Etiquettes

Top 10 Meeting Etiquettes


Following etiquettes in a corporate environment is very important. Each occasion has a different etiquette. We are going to talk a bit about meeting etiquette as these meetings have become an essential part of an organization to discuss various issues related to a company. Let us have a look at the top ten meeting etiquette.

  1. Dress appropriately. Just go with professional attire and that will do. Take extra care when it comes to your foot wear and socks. Dirty or torn socks can say a lot about you.
  2. Always come prepared. If you think you can get a quick update from your colleague on the way to office, chances are you are probably going to end up missing few important points.
  3. If you are giving a presentation make it crisp and interesting to avoid your audience dozing off in the middle.
  4. Allow others to speak first. If you have a valid point, wait for your turn and then say it out clearly. If the meeting is about an issue that has to be resolved analyze the problem and offer your solution. Don’t force anyone to accept your views.
  5. Do not pass any rude comments on others opinion or ideas. Always be polite and let them know   why you do not agree with their perspective and explain it to them gently. Make a note of what is being discussed
  6. Avoid having a private conversation with your friends or colleagues while the meeting is going on.
  7. Turn off your mobile phones or put it in silent mode. If you really have to pick up a call in case of emergency excuse yourself and continue the conversation outside the meeting area.
  8. If the information being discussed is sensitive or classified then make sure it stays inside the discussion area. Give your full attention and stick to a schedule.

10.    If you do not have any idea on a particular topic listen carefully and make a mental note of everything that was  said. If there are any new recruits  in the meeting, make them interact by asking them their opinions so that they do not feel out of place .

Above all act professionally at all times. If you are the one organizing the meeting, thank the people who attended it and ask them for their ideas and comments. Follow these simple steps and you will never fail to make a good impression.

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