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Dear Readers,

April was a whirlwind of progress at DCI! We embraced the new financial year with a focus on capitalizing on key industry trends, particularly in AI-powered app development. As you know, the food, real estate, and education sectors are experiencing a surge in AI adoption, and we’re at the forefront, crafting exceptional apps that leverage this powerful technology.

But creating innovative apps is only half the battle. Here at DCI, we understand the crucial role of digital and app marketing in driving user engagement and retention. Industry trends highlight the growing importance of data-driven strategies and personalized user experiences. By staying ahead of the curve, we’re developing effective marketing campaigns that resonate with target audiences and ensure long-term app success.

Beyond these exciting developments, April saw us meticulously plan for the upcoming year. Our unwavering commitment to innovation and progress remains the cornerstone of DCI. We’re dedicated to empowering our clients with cutting-edge solutions that unlock their full potential in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Project Spotlight


We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the groundbreaking academic networking app, reshaping the way students connect and collaborate worldwide. Prepare to dive into a dynamic ecosystem where academic passions ignite, ideas flourish, and meaningful connections are forged. Our marketing strategy is set to redefine the landscape of academic networking. From strategic ad placements to influencer partnerships, ASO optimization, and engaging social media tactics, we’re gearing up to unveil an experience that transcends traditional networking. Stay tuned for updates as we pave the way for a new era of academic excellence and collaboration.

Also, We’ve partnered with a leading doorstep bike service provider, to enhance their digital presence and expand brand visibility in key markets. As part of our services, we provide PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Services (Google & Meta Ads) to optimize bike service bookings through website conversions. Our specialized team focuses on strategic, budget-conscious campaigns to increase conversions, heighten brand awareness, and improve user experience. The results are measurable and impactful, driving increased bookings and customer engagement.

Additionally, We’re excited to unveil our partnership, revolutionizing the way cricket enthusiasts engage with their favorite sport. Get ready to immerse yourself in an unparalleled cricket experience where excitement knows no bounds and passion reigns supreme. Our marketing strategy is poised to redefine the realm of fantasy cricket. From targeted ad campaigns to strategic collaborations with key influencers, and captivating social media initiatives, we’re gearing up to introduce an experience that transcends traditional gaming. Stay tuned for updates as we pave the way for a new era of cricket fandom and immersive gameplay.

Client Voices


Thanks to Dot Com Infoway’s efforts, the client saw over 4,000 app installs, MAU increased from 5,000 to 45,000, and a reduced cost per install from 17 to 12 cents. Dot Com Infoway communicated well through weekly meetings, offered creative ideas and great analysis, and was very responsive. – Ram Seetharam – Gannap

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