Elevate Your Etiquette

Elevate Your Etiquette

Sure, it is fun to ride an elevator up and down! People often take it for granted and forget to perform the common acts of courtesy. Here are a few points to help everyday “elevator riders”.

Before thinking of taking an elevator ask this to yourself.”Do I really need to take an elevator?” If you are going to travel one or two floors it is better to walk, which will help in fitting someone else on that elevator with a  more urgent agenda and that someone could be travelling many floors. Besides walking helps you burn calories for free. But if you are injured or carrying a heavy object then taking an elevator is a good idea. While carrying heavy stuff it is also advisable to wait for an empty elevator. Before boarding the elevator wait for the people to get out first. Rushing into it and blocking someone who is about to get down is a definite “no-no”.

When you are sick, avoid getting into a crowded elevator. You might be passing your cold or flu to fellow elevator riders without your knowledge. The person on the receiving end won’t appreciate it. But if you have to take an elevator be equipped with basic necessities such as a tissue or a hand-kerchief in case you need to sneeze or cough. Please don’t blow your nose so loud. It is widely frowned upon!

If you are going a long way it is better to occupy a place at the back probably close to the wall. It feels good to have a quick snack or a drink. But please make sure that you avoid these in an elevator. Nobody likes the smell of garlic or onion in a closed box and you sipping the last drop of  juice or soda will not sound like music to other people . If you have the habit of talking in higher decibel levels you might want to consider taking it down a notch. But if you really need to talk, do so by keeping your voice down and keep the conversation neutral. This way you won’t offend anyone. If someone wants to get down and if you are the person blocking the way, help them to get out easily by stepping out and getting in.

Treat others how you would like to be treated. Practice this and you might make a lot of good friends in the long run. Doing the opposite might land you in trouble!

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