Facebook for Android Updated to Version 1.9

Facebook for Android Updated to Version 1.9

Facebook has released an update known as ‘Version 1.9’ of its Android app yesterday. This update brings performance improvements in the app and offers a more integrated experience to Facebook users on Android devices. The new version also provides new picture sharing and messaging features.

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The recent update offers specific shortcuts for uploading photos to Facebook and accessing the messaging section of the app. The Camera and the Messenger shortcuts will appear in the application tray of Android devices once the app is updated.

The Camera shortcut lets users instantly upload photos to Facebook by allowing them to capture a new photo or choose one from the existing gallery. The Messenger shortcut, with a single click, takes users directly to the messaging section of Facebook.

Facebook software engineer Frank Qixing Du wrote in a blog post, “Android 1.9 also comes with many of the messenger features found in the standalone Messenger app including:

  • Mobile/online status
  • If you have already started a group conversation, you can add people on the fly
  • Your contact list sorted by the people you interact with frequently”

In addition to these features, the update fixes bugs and improves the performance of Facebook for Android. The recent version of the app can be downloaded from Google Play.