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A partner in your growth, we bask in your success. Our SEO Tools are 100% Free to use which can save you a lot of time and make your Search Engine Optimization tasks more efficient.

Unlike other SEO tools, you don’t have to be an expert to use Dot Com Infoway’s Free SEO Tool. We had put our years of expertise, knowledge, and exposure to the best of the trending technologies, in providing you with this simple tool.

Having supported startups and enterprises, we are well aware of the high cost and complexities involved in employing paid SEO tools. Get all SEO tools in one pack that simplifies your content management and integration.

Our Free Search Engine Optimization Tool immensely helped DCI in running one successful digital marketing campaign after another. We now wish to pass on this benefit to all those organizations who have struggled like us.

Empowers Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Our free SEO tools help you find the relevant keywords trending on search engines and enable you to create content that is searched by millions online, ensuring high traffic on your web pages.

Forecast Campaign Impact

Even before you commit to the cost and efforts tied to a digital marketing campaign, know what results can you drive out of it. The SEO tools help you save the hassle of boiling the sea for a handful of salt and let you devise a strategy which has more chances to succeed.

Improve Visibility

Online visibility of your business is the primary objective of all your digital marketing campaigns. Our SEO tools help you optimize the content on your web pages, which leads to high visibility in search results.

More About the Uses of Our Tools

The originality of content on your web pages is of utmost importance. Safeguard your business against copyright issues with a simple plagiarism scan. Our free plagiarism checker lets you know if the content is original or lifted from some other source.

You know how important Meta tags are for improving your search engine listings. Our free to use Meta tag generator saves you precious time mulling over the right words, and provides the most effective Meta tags in a snap!

Keywords continue to be an important part of all SEO campaigns, and will always be. Find out the keywords related to your business that are most often searched by your target users. Prepping up your content with relevant keywords was never this easy.

Robots.txt files are crucial for search engines and web crawlers to index your web pages methodically. Our free Robots.txt Generator tool gives you step-by-step directions to generate Robots.txt files without any hassle.

Allow search engines to navigate through your site swiftly and systematically. Leverage our free XML Sitemap Generator tool to get the right file for your website and related URLs.

Wondering which backlinks will garner most traffic for your website? Well, our intelligent backlink checker helps you find high quality links most suited to your web domain. Now plan your marketing content with strong backlinks that are bound to get better traffic on your web pages.

Broken links can adversely reflect on your website and brand. But how to ascertain which of the hundreds of links released on the World Wide Web are broken? Simple, find broken links with our free broken links finder, in a matter of seconds!

Plan your digital marketing efforts better by checking your Domain Authority, in comparison to your competitors’, with our free DA checker tool.

Page Authority checker helps you find where you stand vis-à-vis your competitors on SERPs. Stay a step ahead of your competition by planning more effective digital marketing campaigns in accordance with your PA score.

Is your website turning off visitors owing to its slow performance? Find out using our free page speed insights tool that reveals how fast or slow your website is.

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