Indians Want the Next Android Version to be Named 'Kaju Katli'

Indians Want the Next Android Version to be Named 'Kaju Katli'

Indian lovers of Android, urge Google to name the next version of Android as Kaju Katli, an Indian dessert.

Some of the Indians fans of Android are planning to send a package of this Indian sweet, Kaju Katli to Larry Page (CEO of Google) and Andy Rubin (Senior Vice President of Mobile and Digital Content at Google), according to a Business Standard report.

Indians Want The Next Android Version To Be Named as 'Kaju Katli'

“We have been running this campaign for the past three weeks, asking for Kaju Katli as the next Android version. Google sure has taken notice of this. At least one senior Google employee, who is an Indian retweeted about the campaign on the first day. We are hopeful that if enough Indians demand an Android version named after an Indian sweet, it shall work,” said Annkur P Agarwal, who is running the ‘Join The “#KajuKatli For Android’ campaign according to Business Standard.

Google names each version of Android after a dessert and it progresses in alphabetic order. The previous versions were named C – Cupcake, D – Donut, E – Eclair, G – Gingerbread, F – Froyo, H- Honeycomb, I – Ice Cream Sandwich, J – Jelly Bean and the name of the next version has to begin with ‘K.’ Hence, the campaigners want it to be named after the Indian sweet Kaju Katli. The campaign has already got the support of over 2075 people.

India is one among the fastest growing Android smartphone markets and has got plenty of people who use Android. Indian fans of Android are now keeping their fingers crossed, waiting to see if Google names its next Android version after this popular Indian dessert.