Interactive Session on Social Media Marketing held at DCI

Interactive Session on Social Media Marketing held at DCI

An interactive session on social media marketing was conducted at DCI by Mr. Kiruba Shankar on Tuesday.

Mr. Kiruba Shankar is the CEO of the Business Blogging Pvt Ltd, a social media consultancy. He is a versatile blogger and the founder of a Web development company named ‘F5ive technologies’. He is also a co-founder of the non-profit organization called ‘The Knowledge Foundation’. He has authored several books and is a distinguished speaker.

kiruba shankar

Mr. Kiruba Shankar at DCI

The interaction, which covered diverse topics related to social media marketing, personal branding and leadership, provided some great insights into the way companies can interact with customers. Mr. Kiruba Shankar stressed on the importance of being a producer and not a consumer.

The interactive session explored topics that are on the minds of social media marketers and threw light on the current trends in social media and provided a glimpse into the future of the industry.

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