Mercy Livingstone

Mrs. Mercy Livingstone

Assistant Manager – Search Engine Marketing

Mercy is a digital marketing and advertising aficionado. Her experiences include building brand awareness through social media, SEO, and pay-per-click advertising. She graduated from one of the reputed university in India, Anna University.

Mercy has helped a variety of companies increase their brand awareness and achieve their marketing goals. She has worked on teams from the US to Europe, helping B2B’s, NGO’s, and eCommerce clients alike meet their digital marketing goals.

For the last seven years Mercy has dominated Google with a strong focus on the technical side of SEO combined with user experience focus to increase conversions. She has launched more than 100 successful campaigns for dozens of major brands, including GT Bicycles, Forix LLC and Pnues Online. Her work has increased overall revenue and efficiency for these brands, which has allowed her to build lasting relationships that create customer loyalty.

Mercy thrives in a fast-paced environment, where she can work on both an individual and a collaborative level to accomplish a company’s goals and strategic objectives. She’s constantly looking for new challenges and ways to better herself both professionally and personally.

She sets up and hosts webinars and workshops to guide and spread knowledge to like-minded people. She also does occasional presentations to Rotarians to help them understand the importance of digital marketing for any business.

When Mercy isn’t crafting unforgettable brand stories for her clients, she can be found listening to Gospels, trying out hand with new menus and hanging out with her two kids. She’s constantly on the prowl for knowledge, and thrives on creating lasting and resourceful relationships with her clients.