Richard Giuliano

Mr. Richard Giuliano

Sales Director - Australia

Richard is the Australian Sales Director at DCI and he is responsible for all customers within Australia. He joined DCI in 2018 with a wealth of Sales and Marketing experience.

He has spent the last 12 years helping small & medium business owners find better ways to grow their business revenue.

Having worked as a Senior Product Manager for Telstra for 8 years, and in various Sales roles for 22 years … Richard is a seasoned individual who understands technology,  is extremely resourceful, and comes equipped with a good set of skills to interpret how a product can meet customer needs.

He is also armed with a Bachelor of Business in Marketing and Sub-Major in International Marketing.

Richard has gained experience from his travels around the Asia Pacific region, South East Asia, Latin America and USA.

He lives in Sydney, Australia … he is happily married, and has 5 children. He loves an occasional game of golf, and cooking at the weekend BBQ.

Richard is keen to help more Australian companies take their products to the world and grow their business without limitations.

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