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Message from CEO
As the fiscal year draws to a close, we have been reviewing this year’s facts and figures, and planning the financial picture for the next year. The fiscal year 2013 has been a year of solid performance for Dot Com Infoway. We seized several opportunities for growth and helped our
clients achieve measurable success. We have been aligning our communications, branding, and thought leadership efforts to enhance internal coordination. We have been expanding our portfolio of solutions and working on building an expert global workforce. We review those moments which defined our success and took us a few steps closer to our goals. Here are the highlights of DCI’s FY13.
Launch of the infographic Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends for 2013
New service offering – App User Testing
Release of the infographic Dos & Don’ts of Mobile App Marketing
New service offering – SEO Audit Service
Release of the infographic Impact of Penguin 2.1 on SEO Efforts
Launch of the app Latest Tips, Tricks, and Secrets for iOS 7
CSR activity – Organized an old clothes collection drive to celebrate Joy of Giving Week
Release of the infographic App Optimization for iOS 7
Google AdWords Certification
Launch of the infographic 8 Ways to Strike Gold at the App Store This Holiday Season
Release of an e-book Google PPC for Small Businesses: A Beginner’s Guide
Bing Ads Accreditation
We are pleased with our progress and are working on setting ourselves strategic goals to be accomplished in the next fiscal year. We are more committed than ever to our growth strategy and believe that the best days are yet to come – for our customers and for DCI.
Latest Work
HipSeat – Search Engine Optimization & Website Redevelopment
HipSeat – Search Engine Optimization & Website Redevelopment HipSeat is a baby and toddler carrier designed with a back supporting belt and a built-in seat for babies. It allows adults to carry their children without the usual strain on the back. The client approached us for help in improving site traffic. We are working on
redeveloping the website and optimizing it for search engines.
Request for similar services.
My Media Collection – iOS App Marketing
My Media Collection – iOS App Marketing My Media Collection is an app that helps users keep track of the books and movies they own. Designed for people who need to manage an ever-expanding collection, the app makes it easy to add new items, and view the content of their entire media library.
Our app marketing experts executed a multi-channel marketing campaign to help the app find its target users and enhance its app store ranking.
Request for similar services.
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Message from CEO
Latest Work
Case Study
You Tube
Featured Blog Post
Top 6 Steps to Build Your Business on Instagram
Instagram being an image and video sharing platform, allows businesses to get creative with their social networking, right from showcasing products to engaging their customers with visual, yet relevant, treats. Businesses can tap into the potential that this platform offers by tailoring their profile and their content in the right way. To capitalize on…
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Case Study
Forix Mobile – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Forix is a mobile and web development company headquartered in Portland, Oregon, that engineers a wide range of mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile platforms. The client approached us for assistance in building a search engine optimized website that could help the business grow. Our team of SEO experts came up with a strategy to optimize the client’s website, Forix Mobile, for the targeted keywords, to help it gain a better ranking in search engines, attract traffic, and enhance its online visibility. Forix Mobile has seen a marked increase in the count of organic visitors and leads generated, and the client was elated with the results.
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