Cyber Smart Coin

Project Description

CyberSmart Coin is a team of cryptographers, programmers, ethical hackers and traders raring to tap into the most “explosive markets” of the 21st century – cryptocurrency. The team is offering its own cryptocurrency called CyberSmart, with ethereum technology. The CyberSmart Coin draws its strength from the trading-profit-sharing model.

CyberSmart partnered with DCI to ensure that its ICO would draw maximum mileage out of the ongoing financial interest in cryptocurrency. Although there are hundreds of thousands of investors looking for opportunities to invest in various coins, it is often very difficult to bridge the gap between the most deserving coins and the most eager investors. This is where DCI was able to help CyberSmart.

Using our time-tested marketing methodologies and our access to highly relevant promotional networks and tools, DCI was able to bring the needed exposure to the CyberSmart ICO in a short span of time. Through our highly experienced marketing team we helped the company disseminate relevant information among interested investors using all the available channels. By the time the ICO was launched, there were already thousands of investors eagerly waiting for the offering.