Project Description

Ethereum Travel Token is a cryptocurrency-based travel service. Once you have invested in their tokens, you can use these tokens to book and manage travel reservations with airlines and car rental services directly, without having to use the conventional payment gateways.

When DCI took on the mantle of marketing this very ambitious ICO, the target was to get 5000 ETH Travel Token buyers to pay attention to the upcoming ICO and invest money to the tune of 1000 million tokens (to be distributed among the first 5000 investors).

Using its deep experiential and technological penetration in the web marketing arena in general and ICO marketing in particular, DCI was able to create the right buzz for the Ethereum Travel Token ICO and at the time of writing this, the company was on the verge of initiating one of the most unique ICOs in the contemporary world, exclusively targeting travellers.

DCI follows a multi-channel marketing approach to find the right audience. It’s marketing experts have extensive experience tapping into the potential of email and web marketing, SEO, social media marketing, paid advertising and niche events to draw maximum attention to the upcoming ICO.