Project Description

Trend (TRND as the crypto-coin) aims to create a secure platform to simplify trading for everyone. Since lots of cryptocurrencies are available and there is practically a boom in this sector, it has become confounding for interested buyers to choose the right ICO and invest money judiciously.

Aside from offering its own Ethereum-based coins, the company offers research and analysis to provide the best investment options to investors looking to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Trend needed to target an audience that was looking for multiple cryptocurrency-investment opportunities through the TRND coin as well as other cryptocurrencies available.

DCI created a complete promotional campaign roadmap to raise the awareness level. We tapped into various communication channels available on the Internet to cast as wide a net as possible. DCI was contracted by Trent for our deep insight into how to reach target audience within a timeframe and with optimal effect.

We used time-tested tools such as blogging, email marketing, social media marketing, Bounty campaigns, paid advertising and information articles to highlight Trend’s brand in front of prospective investors to a great effect. The company is looking forward to receiving a resounding reception for its ICO.