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SA Scooter Shop Digital Marketing Portfolio

SA Scooter Shop


SA Scooter Shop is the largest seller of ride-on cars and kids’ electric scooters in South Africa. Though they have very good sales through their physical store, their online campaign was poorly optimized, leading to the loss of potential customers. They approached DCI to improve the AdWords campaign structure and ROI At Dot Com Infoway, we have extensive experience in leveraging PPC to drive growth for our clients. Our approach to PPC is data-driven, which allows us to deploy campaigns...

Ahana Hospitals Digital Marketing Portfolio

Ahana Hospitals

Internet Marketing

Ahana Hospitals is one of the largest neuropsychiatric centres in Tamil Nadu. They had come up with the proposal to promote their Hospital brand name, increase engagement & promote awareness amongst their social media channels We, at Dot Com Infoway, tied up with the Ahana Hospital and helped them develop a digital strategy to raise awareness on Mental Health. Our daily activities include posting mental health-related information on their social media channels to increase engagement and create awareness amongst patients...

ShopsUp Digital Marketing Portfolio


Internet Marketing

ShopsUp is a Hyperlocal store and product discovery app that incentivizes users on walk-in and purchases. The client wanted to promote their App and highlight their brand name amongst social media channels. We, at Dot Com Infoway, through a carefully developed digital strategy, helped them achieve their marketing objectives. We decided to target the most popular social media platforms by providing locality specific content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We regularly updated their social media pages with attractive posts, compelling...

Forix Digital Marketing Portfolio


Internet Marketing

Forix is a mobile and web development firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with an office in Seattle, Washington. Forix had embraced mobile application development early on by identifying the potential in the mobile space to support the rapidly growing demand in the US. Forix wanted to establish itself online so that it could help small and medium-sized businesses go mobile. Dot Com Infoway assisted Forix with a search engine-oriented, optimized website building process by defining clean information architecture, choosing keywords,...


ICO, Internet Marketing

Trend (TRND as the crypto-coin) aims to create a secure platform to simplify trading for everyone. Since lots of cryptocurrencies are available and there is practically a boom in this sector, it has become confounding for interested buyers to choose the right ICO and invest money judiciously.Aside from offering its own Ethereum-based coins, the company offers research and analysis to provide the best investment options to investors looking to invest in cryptocurrencies.Trend needed to target an audience that was...

ICO Ivyn

ICO, Internet Marketing

Ivin Digital Currency is an online platform to manage multiple cryptocurrency payments using coins from Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies. Aside from offering its own coin called IVYN whose public initial coin offering is just around the corner (for which marketing services of DCI were used), the company primarily facilitates cryptocurrency transactions between various vendors and organizations using cryptocurrencies. The company offers a software solution called Ivyn Digital-Currency that allows its users to easily manage multiple cryptocurrencies.The company needed to...


ICO, Internet Marketing

Ethereum Travel Token is a cryptocurrency-based travel service. Once you have invested in their tokens, you can use these tokens to book and manage travel reservations with airlines and car rental services directly, without having to use the conventional payment gateways.When DCI took on the mantle of marketing this very ambitious ICO, the target was to get 5000 ETH Travel Token buyers to pay attention to the upcoming ICO and invest money to the tune of 1000 million tokens...

Cyber Smart Coin

ICO, Internet Marketing

CyberSmart Coin is a team of cryptographers, programmers, ethical hackers and traders raring to tap into the most "explosive markets" of the 21st century – cryptocurrency. The team is offering its own cryptocurrency called CyberSmart, with ethereum technology. The CyberSmart Coin draws its strength from the trading-profit-sharing model.CyberSmart partnered with DCI to ensure that its ICO would draw maximum mileage out of the ongoing financial interest in cryptocurrency. Although there are hundreds of thousands of investors looking for opportunities...