Project Description

The Member Club Jumbo and Spar

Enjoy all the benefits of Club page through your smartphone! Never worry about loss, forgetting or deterioration of a physical map: mobile Privileges Club is the solution!

With the Jumbo and Spar application, simply register with the Club page and make hundreds of rupees saving all year!

What are the advantages to having your card privileges on your mobile?

  • -Accelerated Account Activation
  • -The loyalty card is always with you, on your smartphone!
  • -More loss, forgetting or deterioration of the card

Saving money is easy with Jumbo and Spar!

For all purchases reported in one of our Jumbo or Spar stores, earn cash on your mobile account and use it as soon as the next purchase in one of the Jumbo stores or Spar Mauritius.

Delivery Model: Fixed price
Technology: iOS, Xcode, Objective C, QR Scanner, Barcode reader