Project Description

HR Onboarding app is a customizable HR onboarding solution based on the United States HRIS model.


When designing any enterprise-level app, data security,multi-user access, maintaining end-to-end security in the transmission of data and also designing a scalable app that grows with the organization are the important obstacles. Besides, a user-friendly and responsive interface is very important so that any employee can use the app without extensive training.


Here’s how Dot Com Infoway’s app development team overcame the above-mentioned challenges and created the app:

  • MVC5 with Angular JS was used to design the app
  • Customized sequence configuration to maintain the uniqueness of data
  • Only the onboarding staff can initiate onboarding activity for the newly hired employees. The onboarding staff will have the ability to create a set of tasks grouped by task category as part of the onboarding process
  • The authenticated organization user (e.g. HR Recruiter) will be listed with various tasks to make the newly hired employee comfortable in the organization.


The Onboarding app has been installed by many organizations in a short period. The scalable app is ready to install and makes it extremely intuitive to onboard new employees, saving time and costs for an organization.