Specialty Polyfilms

Headquartered in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, the company manufactures and delivers innovative and high-quality protective packaging products and solutions. It sells its packaging products to more than 200 customers all over the world.


The client wanted a website that would appeal to an international audience as most of its customers are scattered all over the world. When the client approached us, they had wanted the following changes and improvements in the existing website:

  • Improved visual appeal: Since most of the Speciality Polyfilms customers from the food industry, they needed a design that was visually captivating and would complement the bright colours represented by the food industry.
  • Improve user experience: The website needed to load fast and yet look contemporary and aesthetically elegant with all important sections reachable within a couple of clicks.
  • Search engine optimization: Since the client has an international presence, the competition too is formidable. They needed good search engine rankings to increase their visibility.
  • Integration with Google Analytics: The client wanted to use Google Analytics to track traffic and make changes according to the metrics obtained from there.
  • Security: As per the latest European Union regulations the client wanted to give a safe browsing experience to its international visitors.
  • Accessibility: The client wanted to make sure that people with special needs were able to access their websites and all its important components.
  • CMS: The client wanted to use a CMS like WordPress so that it will be easier to maintain the website even when it is live.

Our Solution

To give the best possible solution, Dot Com Infoway always works on a multi-phased strategy. For the client, we devised a two-phased strategy explained below.

Phase 1:

This is mainly the analysis and planning phase that also includes building a plan of action according to the specifications provided by the client. We had some brainstorming sessions with the client and pursued the following list of steps:

  • Created a wireframe and a prototype to get design acceptance from the client.
  • Conducted multiple usability tests to make sure that the new layout has a good user experience.
  • Mapped the user experience elements that we had created with the expectations of the client.
  • Finalized the technologies that would enable the website to be accessed from multiple browsers and multiple operating systems – desktop as well as mobile.
  • Final go-ahead from the client.

Phase 2:

The main design and development takes place in phase 2. By this time the client has approved the design and functions of the website and is aware of how the end product is going to look and feel.

  • Revamped the visual appeal of the website by coming up with a different color scheme, rearranged important elements, improved the quality of the images and created strategic white spacing to give the website an international look.
  • Improved user experience by reorganizing information so that vital bits of information are immediately accessible to the visitors. Reduced the size of the images while increasing their quality. Created a liquid layout that also looks awesome on mobile phones.
  • Improved search engine optimization features to organically improve search engine rankings. Made content suggestions and helped the client optimize the existing content. Made the source code lean. Got rid of the excessive scripts.
  • Connected the website as an asset to their Google Analytics account and activated search engine traffic tracking and URL tracking features. The client can now access real-time data on the number of actual visitors coming to their website.
  • Incorporated SSL security on the website and also got rid of scripts that rendered the website vulnerable to hacking attacks.
  • The website is now accessible to people with special needs. Screen readers can read the content of the website and the navigation can be done using the screen readers.
  • The website was built using WordPress which is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world.

Our Results

The work done by Dot Com Infoway has been pivotal to the further growth of Specialty Polyfilms, especially when it comes to catering to an international customer base. The search engine rankings of the website have considerably improved bringing more customers to the client. It complies with many international laws as now it is accessible. It seamlessly scales according to the size of the screen with all the functionality fully intact. The employees in the office of the client can carry out basic functions because the website has been built on a friendly CMS. The website now has an international, sleek look. The client is extremely happy and satisfied.

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