365 Days Feed Chennai

365 Days Feed Chennai is an initiative that fights hunger in Chennai. Dot Com Infoway built a charity website to facilitate donations and program updates. 

The Client

The Client is STS Foundation and Got The Scoop. Serving the OMR, Chennai region, STS Foundation is a non-profit organization that does charity work across Chennai. Their tasks range from providing food relief and aid to the underprivileged to, most recently, providing Covid vaccination for the residents of Chennai. On the other hand, Got The Scoop is a creative venture started by Tarush Ramadas to create healthier ice cream alternatives. The business is 2 years old and is known for experimenting with innovative ice cream flavors.  


The client wanted to start a food foundation and was open to charity website ideas that we fronted. Essentially, they wanted a website for their 365 Days Feed Chennai program that could clearly communicate their project’s underlying principles and primary objective, with a color scheme reflective of their noble mission. Moreover, it was necessary that the website we built displayed available days for sponsors or end users to donate, among other content swirling around their program. 


The client’s ultimate priority was a responsive, and user-friendly website with a strategic calendar feature. They required our website development agency to build a non-profit website from scratch with individual pages, and a calendar feature that would indicate the number of days blocked and people feed during this period. 

Ideally, this would enable a donor to choose a date according to the special event they’re celebrating and the slots of days available. There was also the need to ensure the website had scalability to keep up with increased user activity as the project gained more traction and reeled in more givers. 

Our Solution

For this Trust web design, we designed to go with WordPress as our content management system (CMS) and website builder of choice. This was informed by the site scalability concerns from the client, and WordPress’s extensive customization technology that would allow massive room for future expansion.

Moreover, WordPress would enable easy and simple content management on the part of the site owners so they could add or change content as they please. Authorized staff with permission to perform these actions would be able to implement this without requiring special skill sets. WordPress would further accelerate mobile responsiveness, enabling users to seamlessly perform donations on any device or platform. 

Another key reason we fronted WordPress was the need to ensure site security. Given donors would be performing financial transactions via the website, we believed WordPress and its advanced security plugins and tools would help us seal any loopholes and keep this confidential data safe via ultra-modern encryption features. 

After much deliberation with the client, we obtained the go-ahead to proceed with this charity website development project. This was after extensive prototyping and wireframing to give the client some idea about what the end product would look like, so they could chip into the design process right off the bat. 

Our Results

STS Foundation and Got The Scoop were extremely pleased with our charity website developers and the site they deliver. They loved the vivid color schemes which mirrored and symbolized their goal of replenishing life across Chennai. Today, the 365 Days Feed Chennai project is a resounding success as this year the program is set to help feed 44,250 residents. We are really proud to have been a part of this special and life-changing project, and this charity website portfolio is dedicated in honor of all the needy people it has helped serve and the donors that have selflessly sacrificed to give.

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