iPhone Apps Marketing

iPhone Apps Marketing

iPhone App Marketing Strategies - App Audit

App Audit

We carry out a 360° evaluation of the app to analyze its usability and uniqueness, and determine what sets it apart from its competitors. We measure the app based on various criteria and provide specific feedback and ideas to take it to the next level.


iPhone App Marketing Strategies - App Audit

Launch Strategy Consultation

We help with App Store submission, app pricing and carry out promotions of all kinds to make the app visible and popular at the time of its launch. We distribute press releases which contain the message about the app, its features, functionality, uniqueness and more, to highly targeted media outlets and contacts.


iPhone App Marketing Strategies - App Audit

App Store Optimization (ASO)

ASO enhances app visibility, ranking and downloads. We help developers understand the current ASO landscape and guide them through the process of optimizing their app store listings for better discoverability.


iPhone App Marketing Strategies - App Audit

Building Buzz around Your App

We create awareness about the app by promoting it on multiple channels at once. We harness the power of social media, popular technology sites, review sites, forums, blogs etc., to spread word about the app, reach its target audience, and improve online visibility.


iPhone App Marketing Strategies - App Audit

Boosting App Revenue

We go a step beyond the usual promotions to provide strategies to boost downloads and revenue. We provide suggestions to run contests and giveaways pertaining to the app, its theme and target audience.

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