Joomla! Development

Joomla! Development

Joomla!™ is a highly-acclaimed Open Source Content Management System to publish content on the Internet, Intranet or for deployment over MVC web application development framework. Joomla! has an unmatchable extensibility to support a simple web solution as well as an enterprise-level web solution, even with a language internationalization attribute. Globally, it remains as the highly-recommended system to develop event-driven web solutions like E-commerce / Online Shopping Cart solutions, Classified / Listing sites, News Flashes, Job Portals, Forum / Message Boards, News Blogs / Sites, Image Database sites, Help / Support suites, Map Feed sites and many more.

Joomla! development at DCI

Dot Com Infoway’s Joomla! development team has the capability to develop simple to massive web solutions using Joomla!. Our Joomla! developers are blessed to play with this CMS framework’s prominent features. Since this Open Source is supported by numerous followers, contributors, and developer communities, the resources for independently developed modules are vast. Our Joomla! developers have the knowledge to design and develop every inch of your website, from content addition modules to image uploads. We can even establish your online reservation counter with Joomla!.

DCI’s Joomla! web development service includes

  • Joomla! Websites/Portals development
  • Custom Design Templates
  • Joomla! Modules Development
  • Joomla! Components Development
  • Intranet and Extranet Development
  • Design Integration
  • Module Installation
  • Joomla! Portals / Websites Maintenance
  • Joomla! E-commerce / Online Shopping Website Development

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