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Connect with your target audience proactively instead of leaving it on chance whether they come to your website or not. Inbound marketing is the process of creating conditions that draw people to your website or landing page through strategically placing your content on social media channels, through email marketing, PPC campaigns and through organic search engine rankings in such a manner that visitors are drawn to your business on their own instead of using conventional advertising. Our digital marketing experts will help you create a multichannel brand presence across the web through a multifaceted approach involving content marketing, email marketing and digital brand promotion.

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Marketing Automation Without Expensive Tools

One of the biggest hurdles in the way of generating targeted inbound traffic is a lack of sufficient amount of marketing. You can either use manpower or you can use marketing tools. Our marketing team makes at your disposal cutting edge marketing automation tools at a fraction of the cost otherwise required. Through marketing automation, your messages can be broadcast to thousands of people within a few seconds and that too, on an ongoing basis. We use drip email marketing, social media updates and content aggregation to actively engage your audience through automated tools and pre-prepared messages.

Proactive Lead Nurturing

Is your business getting enough number of leads? It’s your leads that eventually turn into paid customers and clients and businesses spend lots of effort and money on generating qualified leads. Our inbound marketing team can establish a lead generation mechanism for your business that will generate you unlimited leads. We can also provide you a set number of leads in a predetermined timeframe, for example 10 leads every month, and so on. Lead nurturing and lead generation on the web require specialized experience and strategy because people might be looking for your website for different intents. You have to find the right intent and then target people who can turn into hot leads. This is where our digital marketing team can help you.

Content Marketing Through Thought Leadership

Content marketing is one of the most prominent pillars of inbound marketing. It means publishing authoritative content to help you establish thought leadership and portray you as an industry expert. You can easily imagine to whom an enterprise would like to give a project to: a novice,  unknown mobile app development company whose members are not known for their expertise or an app company under whose brand lots of authoritative content is published and broadcast using channels like LinkedIn, Medium, and through their own industry blog? Definitely the latter. Our content strategist will help you plant high quality and well researched content throughout industry portals to create a presence that inspires awe and respect not just among peers, but also prospective customers and clients.

Email Marketing

When it comes to generating a ton of inbound traffic, email marketing still rules the roost. According to Gartner, more than 90% professionals check their emails first thing in the morning. Despite the onslaught of various social media and social networking channels, it’s the email people depend on for official communications, for conducting business and for getting useful and informative information on the businesses and brands they want to keep in touch with. The catch is, there is a very thin line that divides email marketing and spamming. Even a small oversight can relegate your messages to people’s spam folders or end up completely being neglected because the messaging is not clear or the messaging is too pushy and salesy. Email marketing has huge potential, but you need a strategy, sustained effort and top-class automation tools to leverage it. Our digital marketing experts have a long experience in implementing high response email marketing services. From 500 recipients to 5 million recipients, we have handled big and small email marketing campaigns for our worldwide clients.

Google Optimization

Higher search engine rankings are an integral part of inbound marketing because when people search for products and services they are looking for, or even when they search for the information they need to make their purchase decisions, they use Google (or any other search engine of their preference). Organic search engine rankings (ranking is not based on PPC campaigns) are favored more by prospective customers and clients than paid listings and this is why, despite using PPC campaigns, all organizations and businesses vie to improve their organic search engine rankings. Our expert SEO team can help you compile a list of most targeted keywords for Google optimization and then publish content targeting the right searcher intent. Once you begin to partner with our Google optimization team, you will experience a marked improvement in your search engine rankings and consequently, in your inbound traffic. We specialize in giving our clients sustained higher search engine rankings.

Accurate Analytics Services

Analytics are required in every sphere of doing online business whether you want to know how people interact with your mobile app or what sort of search engine traffic your website gets. We use advanced analytics tools to streamline landing page conversion rates, targeted search engine traffic and mobile usage. We also use analytics to increase conversion rate of your email campaigns – in whichever manner people respond to your email messages, customized campaigns can be created based on the analytics insight. Aside from web traffic, careful analysis of analytics data can tell you if you’re getting unique visitors (who are coming to your website for the first time) or repeat visitors, how much is your bounce rate (people find you on search engines but then immediately leave), how much organic traffic and how much direct traffic you are getting, how many views your landing page is generating, how many people are opening your email campaigns and how many clicks your individual clickable elements are generating (just to name a few). We use advanced analytics tools and precision tracking to help you unravel the secrets of user engagement and web traffic in their most precise form.

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Grande Bay Resort & Spa

Grande Bay Resort & Spa is one of the best beach resorts in Chennai ECR, Mahabalipuram. The property is set on a beautiful 5-acre stretch next to the beach and is surrounded by nature, making it a grand and comfortable place for…

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Why Choose DCI for Your Digital Marketing Needs?

DCI is an award-winning digital marketing agency providing 360° services to our clients from all over the world. Listed below are a few reasons why you should hire DCI as your preferred digital marketing agency:

  • You can focus on running your business and building your business while we make sure that your prospective customers and clients can find you.
  • We are a highly efficient digital marketing agency with an unbeaten track record.
  • We will bring down your overall online marketing costs while significantly increasing your number of leads and business queries.
  • We provide totally scalable Internet marketing services.
  • We offer measurable results with weekly and fortnightly reports.
  • We use a combination of years of experience, heard-earned expertise and cutting-edge tools to promote your brand online.
  • We offer one-shop, total turnkey online marketing solutions.

Still Got Questions? FAQs on Digital Marketing

Blogging is a critical tool of inbound marketing which is the best way to attract the right prospective customers to the website. Also, the updated keyword-rich blog content and additional indexed pages significantly improve the website ranking in search engines.

Without SEO, the business will struggle to get the required traffic, forcing the business to rely on paid advertising & word of mouth.  Similarly, without inbound marketing, SEO efforts wouldn’t pay off as well. So, your website should have strategies for both.

Having inbound marketing alone without an SEO strategy is pointless because the great website content may not be found quickly in search engines or reliably enough to make conversions. 

The report says that 85% & 83.9% of companies using inbound marketing increase traffic & raise of leads within 7 months respectively. DCI suggests blogging 2 or 3 times a week, this timeframe would be less than 7 months.

When you are trying inbound marketing without a good SEO foundation, it will provide temporary success for your business. Having an inbound marketing team with SEO experience prevents you from wasting tons of time and money.

Inbound marketing has been a proven methodology to yield exceptional results if executed correctly. It doesn’t help to solve your business problems, but when done properly it can definitely improve your company’s marketing results.

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