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Our Approach For Making Every Mobile App Launch A Resounding Success

UI/UX Analysis

Your UI and UX can make or break your app. During mobile app pre launch activities, our savvy mobile app experts who have worked with thousands of app interfaces will ensure that the appearance and workflow of your app are smooth, sleek and user friendly. The first impression performs the more. That happens via the UI/UX. Put your users first with our all-inclusive UX strategies.

Qualified User Testing

Nothing gives you the most qualified feedback than user testing. We will get your mobile app tested by 10 users who have got nothing to do with the technology side of app development and who will be able to give you invaluable feedback on how your mobile app fares when used by target users. This includes user behavior and use analytics. Unearth opportunities for improvement and remedy potential problems long before your app hits the market.

Sustainable ROI & Monetization Plan

You need to generate cash flow as soon as possible and you need to maintain it and augment it using all the opportunities available. We will help you realize the true financial potential of your app by helping you formulate a sustainable ROI strategy and a monetization plan. We’ll generate constantly growing revenue for your app with our low-risk, high-reward monetization techniques.

Content Marketing Strategies

Use the power of inbound marketing and engaging your audience by giving them highly useful content that helps them understand your mobile app better and make its full use. Content marketing that bridges the gap between your market’s most pressing needs and your app. 

App Landing Page Setup Consultation

An optimized landing page increases your user acquisition substantially. We will help you set up a high-conversion landing page to which you can channel traffic from your social media accounts and PPC campaigns. Don’t settle for average. Turn your landing into a conversion magnet for extraordinary results.

Demo Video Creation

In our pre launch app marketing services, we will capture the entire essence of your mobile app into a demo or promo video. From a quick primer to step-by-step illustrations, we will prepare the entire video according to App Store guidelines. Creating quality experiences of your app’s standout features with powerful demo videos to enhance acquisition.

Press Kit Creation

Take the news media by storm. We will create a convincing press kit that you can use to promote your upcoming mobile app through various news media agencies with little or no tweaks. Make international headlines and get your app talked about in the places that matter most.

“App Store Feature” Submission

You can skyrocket your user acquisition if your mobile app is displayed in the “Featured” section of the App Store. Although we cannot guarantee its inclusion, we will optimally submit your mobile app for the featured section with no stones left unturned. Increase your probability of getting featured with our attention to detail & intuitive user experience.

Pre-Registration Campaign Setup Guide

Let us handle the groundwork and create the right buzz before you register your mobile app in the App Store and Google Play Store. By the time your listing appears, your users will be eagerly awaiting your mobile app. Build anticipation with a powerful marketing force that’ll leave your market yearning for your app.

App Audit Report

Get the most objective, unbiased and authoritative feedback on the overall performance of your app through our expert app audit report. Incorporate the suggestions and ensure the success of your app.  Find and solve errors and miscalculations to make your app more effective and efficient.

Competitor Analysis And Actionable Insights

In our app pre launch activities, we will help you recognise what works and what doesn’t work for your competitors. We will present you with actionable insights that you can immediately incorporate into your mobile app and avoid the mistakes your competitors may have committed or leverage the good things they have done. Beat the competition with competitive intelligence to shape your app’s unique appeal and qualities.

Our Prelaunch Activities Process


Analysis and Auditing

We will completely review your mobile app and submit our analysis report.


Prelaunch Marketing

Being the best pre launch app marketing agency, We will create the requisite buzz so that by the time you launch your app, people are already waiting.


Optimized Listing

Failsafe App Store and Google Play Store submission to ensure listing approval and higher rankings.

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Success Stories of Clients Who Have Trusted Us

Being an award-winning pre launch mobile app marketing agency there are certainly more than one success stories. Do visit our “Success Stories” section to get a glimpse of what wonders we have worked with our marketing capabilities. The smiles on our clients’ faces (or their messages of appreciation) are our greatest rewards.

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FAQs on Mobile Pre Launch Activities

Create a website to build awareness for your app, and promote it on social channels and via influencers and app marketing agencies

It refers to marketing efforts to popularize your app, and they occur anywhere between the conceptualization stage and app release. 

Defining buyer personas right off the bat, performing competitive intelligence to find market differentiators & creating a content marketing strategy.

A landing page educates your target market to better understand the app concept, which will certainly increase usage frequency.   

It helps to raise awareness and build a community of eager users who’ll be lining up when you go live.

A press kit is a combination of promotional content that gives the media information about your app. 

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