Company Fact File

Company Fact File


  • Over 20+ years of experience in offshore IT services, grown from 5 employees in 2000 to more than 100+ full-time staff in 2019.
  • Highly talented team of English-speaking software developers, mobile app developers, Web developers, website designers, mobile app UI and UX designers, blockchain developers, SEO experts, social media experts, SEO copywriters, technical writers, mobile marketers, email marketers, QA professionals, digital marketing experts and others guided by PMI-trained, PMP-certified Project Managers, software architects and proactive team leaders.
  • Core technologies delivered have been Microsoft Technologies, Open Source Platforms (Linux). JavaScript Frameworks, PHP, ASP.NET, Angular, Laravel and Sun/Java Technologies,Swift, Objective-C, Android Studio, Kotlin, Xamarin, PHP7, CakePHP, Codeigniter, yiiframework.
  • Vast experience with international offshore projects (95% of our clients are overseas).

Client Support

  • Client support teams use English on phone/email/chat 24 x 7 for client interaction and project status updates.
  • English language training modules deployed for all client service team members and customer support staff.
  • Senior Management involvement and support to provide further clarity to communications wherever and whenever required.
  • Access to native language speakers for most global business languages.
  • Delivery of websites, software and support in multiple languages.
  • Utilizing project management tool to maximize our teams’ productivity, communication, timely delivery and overall customer happiness.

Flexibility and Scalability

  • With our client-centric business model, we serve our clients in their preferred business operation hours – ‘round-the-clock business enabling services’.
  • Our geographical location enables 24×7 service offering and reduction in turn-around time due to time zone differences.
  • We have a diversified talent pool and local availability of skilled experts to provide quick scalability.
  • We currently have over more than 100+ employees and can scale up our team strength, if required, very fast.

Quality Certifications

  • Compatibility Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Maturity Level (ML) 3 (version 1.2 Dev) certification for software engineering & organizational management.
  • Microsoft Certified Gold Partner for expertise in Microsoft technologies.
  • Dedicated internal ISO Audit team to ensure quality service, on time, all the time.

Project Management Expertise:

  • At Dot Com Infoway, the emphasis is to deliver quality products on-time and within budgets and we achieve this through superlative Project Management.
  • Project Managers in DCI are PMP-certified and PMI-trained professionals.
  • Project managers from Dot Com Infoway know how to:
    • Identify and manage risks right from the start
    • Define and manage project scope
    • Deliver project results on time and within budget
    • Ensure deliverables meet or exceed user needs
    • Deliver products of high quality
    • Deliver the benefits that justify the client’s investment
    • Consistent project management discipline is part of every Dot Com Infoway service offering

To know more about Dot Com Infoway as an IT company or get more information on our project management expertise, Contact Us.

Our team strives to understand customers’ requirements, pilot their visions and architect their dreams.

Mr. Venkatesh C. R.CEO - Dot Com Infoway

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