EduKool School Management Software

360-degree view & management of your school administration.

Reduce Paperwork

Digitize most of the paperwork and eliminate inefficiencies and delays.

Complete Automation

Automate routine tasks and bring down error rate to 0.


Data-Powered Decisions

Make intelligent decisions using insights from data.

Centralized Tracking

Command and control the entire school system from your phone.

ERP App Features


Broadcast assignments instead of distributing. Ensure high performance.

Student Groups

Form student groups for better communication and to foster group study.


Automated attendance saves crucial time. No data entry required.

Marks & Results

Generate marks and announce results on-the-fly with 0% error.


Automated broadcasting of crucial circulars ensuring no student misses them.


Schoolwide timetable in a jiffy without overlaps and teacher-subject mixups.


Parents can log into the dashboard and check the attendance records of their ward with our school management software.


Broadcast circulars to parents and make sure that crucial circulars are never missed.


Student activities can be monitored through our school management software – parents app’s friendly dashboard.

Notes and Assignments

Parents can see teachers’ notes and their kid’s assignments online.


Parents can immediately access results as soon as the results are broadcast.

Pay Fees

The inbuilt payment interface in our school management software allows parents to pay fees through the app.

The Best-Of-The-Breed LMS As An Add-On Service

Transformative learning management system with easier broadcasting and faster monitoring.

Academics Books and Reference

Digitize your course and reference material and broadcast it directly to students.


Scientific and data-driven assessment of individual student in real-time.

One-click attendance

Automate the attendance procedure with just a single tap.

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