Here at DCI we are really excited to present to you a great revenue generation opportunity. It just requires you to make an initial investment and after that you can go on taking care of your current business. You partner with our mobile app development and web development services. Take on major projects and redirect them to us.

This is how our partnership program works

You register with us as a partner

You start referring customers to us

We complete the projects and share revenue with you

Refer once, earn for a Lifetime

Every new customer that you refer to us is a building block of a growing business that pays you repeatedly. Once you refer a customer to us, we don’t just pay you a commission on the first project, but every project that comes from that customer.

Partnership Programs

The Partnership programs that we have at DCI are


Email Support
10% Commission
Partnership Fee $10,000


Chat and Email support
20% Commission
Partnership Fee $25,000
Access to the Project Management Portal


Phone, Chat and Email Support
30% Commission
Partnership Fee $50,000
Access to the Project Management Portal

You recover your initial investment very fast

When you become our partner, you can start making money immediately after referring a customer to us.
It is like buying your own business with a world-class team of programmers, developers and software development tools that would otherwise cost millions of dollars.
You have a business immediately. No clearance is required. No infrastructure required. No human resource headaches. Register with us under the appropriate plan, and you are ready to roll.
World-class team coupled with world-class infrastructure. Best of both worlds.
Here at DCI we have already done the grinding work. We have built up a complete business. We have fought in the trenches. We have acquired experience that takes years. Nothing can beat what we offer you.
The revenue is automatically shared with you according to the Partnership Plan you have signed up for. Every referral gives you a lifetime income because every project that we get from that referral, earns you revenue.
You get a dedicated partnership portal link with password protected access. Using your portal link, you can track your revenue in real time. The payments will directly reach your bank account.
Approach new clients knowing that you are backed by a world-class team of programmers, systems analysts and designers using state-of-the-art development tools to create web apps, mobile apps and software applications that can compete with the best in the world.
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