Get Your Brand Featured in Premium Inventory to Yield Winning Outcomes

With our qualified DV360 team, our capabilities recline in managing programmatic buying, Real-time bidding & Demand-side platform. We can help you get more targeted traffic with reduced cost.

Get Your Brand Featured in Premium Inventory to Yield Winning Outcomes

DV360 Traffic Management Services

Display & Video 360 (DV360) is a consolidated Google marketing platform that previously existed in the form of DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, Studio and Audience Center. DV360 specifically allows you to explore your advertising options beyond the Google ad network. It is Google’s renowned demand-side platform that allows you to bid and buy ad inventory directly from non-Google publishers – outside of Google’s own publishing platform. Though it exponentially increases your exposure opportunities, you need experienced Internet marketing consulting services to help you find the right publishers for your brand, track traffic data and manage bids to optimize your ROI. Looking for an Experienced DV360 Marketing Partner? You will find DCI a capable partner for this.

How We Help You Optimize Your DV360 Trafficking Campaigns

Tailored Media Buying Strategy

Tailored Media Buying Strategy

Your DV360 media buying strategy cannot be based on herd mentality. Something that works for organization A may not work on organization B, and the same is the case for your business. Before we launch your DV360 trafficking campaign, we will closely work with you to formulate a real-world media buying strategy to help target the right audience with the right media for your brand.

Efficient Ad Spend Through
Insights-Driven Engagement

The beauty of data insight is that it helps you control your ad spend to its minutest aspect. Whether you want to target industries or individual consumers, the scale of your exposure can be controlled using the advanced DV360 dashboard. With our expertise and experience, we can help you leverage the insights-driven engagement capabilities of DV360, bringing you more targeted traffic in the process, while considerably bringing your advertising costs down.

Efficient Ad Spend Through Insights-Driven Engagement
Audience Buying Management

Audience Buying Management

Although DV360 brings you an unprecedented opportunity to target non-Google media publishing platforms just like big businesses, you need to maintain a delicate balance between audience buying and publisher choice. No matter how big a publisher is, simply because you are publishing your ads on its platform doesn’t mean it is going to get you targeted traffic. The inverse is also true. Our deep insights capabilities can help you buy just the right inventory on the right media platform.

Granular Audience Segmentation

One of the biggest strengths of DV360 is that you can build your own audience segmentation using the platform, from scratch. This helps you place your advertisements on external publishers and on individual pieces of content. This is as targeted as it gets. Through our advanced analytics capabilities, we can help you zero-in on highly relevant and popular content pieces to place your ads on.

Audience Buying Management
Advertise on Premium Video Inventory

Advertise on Premium Video Inventory

According to a Cisco prediction, by 2022, videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer Internet traffic. Would you like your brand to be highlighted on popular videos on YouTube and other platforms? DV360 allows you to manage individual ads on individual video uploads giving you precise control over ad management. Our Internet marketing team can help you find the most popular and the most relevant videos to display your ads on.

Real-Time Auto-Bid Management

Optimal auto-bidding depends on the performance-based strategy. Although the intention of auto-bid management is to keep your advertisements at the top by automatically adjusting your CPC bidding, if you don’t monitor this aspect of your DV360 trafficking management, your costs will either spiral out of control or your target audience won’t be able to view your advertisements. You need constant monitoring and readjustment even if you allow DV360 to adjust your bids automatically.

Real-Time Auto-Bid Management
Insights-Based Reporting

Insights-Based Reporting

Reporting keeps you informed. Through our regular reporting, we will keep you updated on where your ads are being published, which platforms are being used, why those platforms are being selected and why particular content pieces are shortlisted to publish your advertisements. The reports will also include the performance of individual campaigns and recommendations by our Internet marketing experts.

360° Support for Setting Up
Your Complete DV360 Dashboard

Our team of Internet marketers have been managing DV360 trafficking dashboards for multiple clients from all over the world, for many years. Even when DV360 was called DoubleClick Bid Manager earlier. We thoroughly know our way in and out & can customize a dashboard & create individual campaigns. We can also help you walk through the whole bidding process. If you want to manage your campaigns in-house, we can provide you with complete DV360 training services. This way you save time and focus on growing your business rather than managing the dashboard.

360° Support for Setting Up Your Complete DV360 Dashboard

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Why Choose DCI for Your Digital Marketing Needs?

DCI is an award-winning digital marketing agency providing 360° services to our clients from all over the world. Listed below are a few reasons why you should hire DCI as your preferred digital marketing agency:

  • You can focus on running your business and building your business while we make sure that your prospective customers and clients can find you.
  • We are a highly efficient digital marketing agency with an unbeaten track record.
  • We will bring down your overall online marketing costs while significantly increasing your number of leads and business queries.
  • We provide totally scalable Internet marketing services.
  • We offer measurable results with weekly and fortnightly reports.
  • We use a combination of years of experience, heard-earned expertise and cutting-edge tools to promote your brand online.
  • We offer one-shop, total turnkey online marketing solutions.

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Still Got Questions? FAQs on Digital Marketing

DV360  or Display and Video 360 are formerly known as DoubleClick Bid Manager is a Google demand-side platform for programmatic media buying. It is unified campaign management, execution, and ad serving. Features include audience segmentation and rich dynamic media production.

The DV360 have both reservation and open auction, while you can find the only open auction on Google Ads. Reservation buys are referred to ads that we can purchase on specific Google sites in advance as a set cost to reserve impressions and it is also known as “YouTube Guaranteed”

Campaign structure in DV360 offers a lot of flexibility and good for a complex set up with a lot of target options.


The DV360 is differing from Google ads are 3 more levels, where we can optimize from a top-down structure.


AdAccount –> Campaign –> Insertion Order –> Line Item –> Ad Group –> Ad.

To have your personal DV360 account you will want to sign a contract with Google and the fee of the use of the platform relies upon your advertising and marketing volume. If your advertising and marketing extent is no longer big sufficient you will no longer be eligible for your own DV360 account.

The typical DV360 platform charge is a round of 4% of your media spend on YouTube Ads Campaigns. The initial set-up cost is typically charged by Google if you want to set up your very own DV360 account.

Now we can control the frequency cap on our DV360 campaigns. It has a lot of potentials, such as maximize conversion bidding: an efficient bidding strategy that sets bids automatically to get the most conversions for our campaign, whilst spending our budget.

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