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More Clicks, Reduced Costs - Start getting targeted traffic from Google and other PPC platforms from day one. Being the best PPC Management services. We will help you improve your click-through rate while drastically cutting down PPC cost.

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PPC Management services throughout The Spectrum

There are multiple PPC networks and channels you need to focus on these days. Even on the same channel, you may have numerous keywords targeting multiple geo-locations focusing on various products and services. We will help you recognize the most profitable channels for you. We will help you compile the most CTR-friendly keywords that will bring your click-through rate but at the same time bring down your overall PPC advertising costs. We also have access to high-tech analytics tools to monitor your multiple campaigns in real-time and make the needed changes before it is too late.

PPC Management Services Completely Tailored To Your Business

Highly focused. Cost-effective. Audience-specific.

PPC Agency

Multichannel PPC Management

Although PPC ads are the surest way to getting the most targeted traffic to your website, they are fraught with chances of spending too much and getting too little. Too many channels and too many adoptions coupled with multiple keywords targeting multiple audiences, it can become quite chaotic in no time. For Optimizing ppc campaigns, we use our massive experience and IT tools to precisely monitor multiple channels covering multiple keywords.

Keyword Research And Placement

Which keywords prompt your target audience to click your retargeting ads or lead generation ads or shopping ads, Youtube Ads, Display ads and then not just click, but also purchase from you? It takes market knowledge and experience to invest money on just the right keywords. Right placement of the right keywords has a big impact on your conversion rate as well as the money that you spend on individual PPC channels. Being one of the Best PPC Advertising Companies in the USA, we will closely study your business, your audience, the behavior of your audience on different channels, and then accordingly zero-in on the right keywords.

PPC Agency
PPC Agency

Landing Page Design,
Testing And Optimization

Every Pay per click Marketing campaign must have a unique landing page because all the people who click on your advertisement will be landing on that page. Once people have clicked the link, it is the power of your landing page that achieves the remaining business for you. How targeted, focused and optimized is your landing page? We will use A/B testing, copy optimization and advanced analytics tools to make sure that your landing page gives you the maximum ROI when people land on it through your PPC campaign.

Real-Time Auditing Of
Individual PPC Campaigns

The dynamics of individual PPC advertising campaigns are constantly changing. Something giving you optimal results right now may not perform well in the coming days or coming weeks due to constantly changing user behavior and latest trends. We have our finger on the pulse of every changing technological and customer trend on the Internet using our experience and analytical tools. We can perform real-time auditing of your ongoing PPC campaigns to keep them up to the mark and deliver their maximum.

PPC Agency
PPC Agency

Remarketing and retargeting services

Remarketing Google Ads campaigns are different from the straight-up PPC campaigns. These campaigns target those people who have either visited your website previously and hence, have shown some interest in your products or services, or they have already clicked one of your ads but haven’t yet done business with you. They’re familiar with your business but they haven’t yet committed, so, you need to keep the flame of their interest burning through our Pay Per Click Marketing strategies. This is where our experienced PPC Expert team can help you. Through strategic ad copy and informative graphics, we will keep your business proposition in front of the right audience through the right channel targeting in our PPC Services.

Geo-Granularity – The Right Keyword For The Right Geolocation

When you’re targeting an international audience through your PPC campaigns people in different countries and even in a different location within the same country may use different keywords or different language patterns to search for the same business. We are the best PPC agency in USA & India using advanced tools to find multiple combinations of keywords and search terms to help you compile the words and phrases used in different geographic regions to improve your paid search conversion rate and bring down your ad spend costs at the same time.

PPC Agency
PPC Agency

PPC Bid Management & Optimization

As we all know, most of the PPC campaigns, in almost every platform, work on the bidding system. The higher you pay, the higher your ads appear among multiple ads. The bidding system needs to be monitored round-the-clock because sometimes, you end up paying more for the same position simply because you are not closely monitoring your placements. Our Google Ads Specialists will keep a close watch on where your ads appear and then make adjustments to your bids to drastically bring down your PPC cost by improving your quality score and ad rank. This is an ongoing process which is highly crucial to keeping your advertising budget going out of control.

Conversion rate optimization & Call Tracking

Eventually, everything boils down to your conversion rate. How many people are clicking your ads? How many people are using the phone number mentioned in your PPC ad to call you? We will keep on tweaking your ad campaigns to enable a maximum number of people to click your ads, come to your landing page and call you from the number listed in your ad campaign.

PPC Agency
PPC Agency

ROI-Boosting PPC
Campaign Management

A better ROI vis-à-vis your Google Ads management means a higher click-through ratio for a lower investment. The good thing is, with proper and ongoing management, monitoring and auditing, this can be achieved with definitive success. Our ongoing auditing, continuous monitoring, ad copy tweaking and testing and retesting will ensure that your every PPC campaign gives you a higher ROI.

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Why Choose DCI for Your Digital Marketing Needs?

DCI is an award-winning PPC agency providing 360° services to our clients from all over the world. Listed below are a few reasons why you should hire DCI as your preferred digital marketing agency:

  • You can focus on running your business and building your business while we make sure that your prospective customers and clients can find you.
  • We are a highly efficient digital marketing agency with an unbeaten track record.
  • We will bring down your overall online marketing costs while significantly increasing your number of leads and business queries.
  • We provide totally scalable Internet marketing services.
  • We offer measurable results with weekly and fortnightly reports.
  • We use a combination of years of experience, heard-earned expertise and cutting-edge tools to promote your brand online.
  • We offer one-shop, total turnkey online marketing solutions.

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Grande Bay Resort & Spa

Grande Bay Resort & Spa is one of the best beach resorts in Chennai ECR, Mahabalipuram. The property is set on a beautiful 5-acre stretch next to the beach and is surrounded by nature, making it a grand and comfortable place for…

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Still Got Questions? FAQs on Digital Marketing

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is an effective way to reach your online audience of customers and prospects. PPC Agency advertising is designed to help businesses drive quality and targeted traffic to Website in a cost-effective way.

Since PPC Agency ad campaigns could span over various social media services and sites it could be difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on. With a team of highly experienced professionals in our PPC Agency, we take care of everything from ad creation, posting, and custom analytics while you focus on other aspects of running your business.

Advertising with PPC Agency ads offers your business several advantages in the marketplace as follows,

  1. Accomplish various goals, from brand awareness to purchases
  2. Receive insightful campaign and audience data
  3. Show up above organic results in online searches
  4. Outrank competitors
  5. Reach people who’re looking for you

Each week you will receive a detailed report of your ad stats. Our PPC Agency Team could also provide access to log directly into their Ads accounts to view all data as often as they wish to view the relevant data they need as well.

We follow five key components to our PPC Agency service and strategy:


  • Identify Target audience for your business
  • Select targeted keywords that deliver the most relevant traffic
  • Prepare engaging ad copies
  • Implementation
  • Continuous campaign analysis and optimization to help it succeed.

Our PPC Agency team display your ad on major search engines, so when users search for specific keywords related to the product or service you offer, you appear at the top of the search results. By the usage of effective ad text, we deliver qualified leads to your digital door.

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