Smart Spot

Project Description

Smart Spot App is an easy to use app that allows its users to search for a parking spot even before they leave home. Users can also book a parking spot from wherever they are to save precious time in looking around for a place to park


The main challenge was to integrate the mobile app with the IoT server and then connect the server to the parking device to enable the users to search and book parking slots in advance, seamlessly. Another challenge was to include a payment gateway that automatically charged the customers’ saved cards in a safe and secure manner.


  • The team at Dot Com Infoway built a database with the parking details of various malls and by leveraging cloud technology to enable real-time bookings.
    Used IoT to allow users to book slots with a Smart Barrier device ID.
  • The Smart Barriers are provided with sensors, which communicate with the server and let the servers know the availability of any parking spot in real-time (Up or Down)


The Smart Spot application has turned out to be a huge success in a short period. The application helps users determine the real-time availability of parking lots and book them in advance to save precious time and reduce congestion.