How Website Consultant Can Help Improve Your Website UI and UX?

How Website Consultant Can Help Improve Your Website UI and UX?


Every business requires a good website to market its products and services and to grow its brand name. A good business website should have a  great UI and UX. UI is the user interface which entails the appearance of the website and everything that a user sees when they visit a site. UX, on the other hand, is user experience which involves the overall experience users get when using a site.

The UX also includes components that help a visitor to use a site comfortably hence high customer satisfaction. Every business requires a web consultant to carry out a website audit. A website audit is done to ensure a website is well optimized, adheres to all accessibility standards and SEO standards as well as eliminating all broken links. This way websites can win the consumers’ confidence leading to an increase in site visitors and an increase in sales.


With that said, here are 7 ways a website consultant can help improve your website UI and UX:

1. Understand your Target Audience

Your target audience is the first thing to consider when you want to improve your website’s UI/UX design. Learning about your audience will give you insights on how you are going to make your website attractive to your visitors.

A website consultant has the tools and expertise to help you learn the demographics of your target audience and their expectation. This way you can optimize your website to meet the needs of your audience. You could also include a survey for your site visitors to fill. Such surveys can help you understand the factors that attract visitors to your website.

2. Use a Simple Design

A good website should use a simple design. Users should be able to interact with the features without taking a lot of time to understand them. They should also be able to get what they are looking for without any problem. The content on your website should be organized well to direct users to what they are looking for with less hassle. A website that is hard to use, cluttered and with a lot of inconsistency tends to turn users away.

You should also make your website’s layout attractive. Use pleasant images and short texts. The titles and text should be written in easy to read font. Also, you should avoid using too many colors. Try to use colors that match with your company’s colors.

3. Make your Site Easy to Navigate

Navigation is an essential part of any website. A web consultant can help you make your site easy to navigate. Most users visiting your site usually spend few seconds to check what they want. If they cannot move around easily on your website and find what they want, they will most definitely move to another page.

You should, therefore, strive to catch the visitors attention in the few seconds they are on your page. And easy navigation is the way to do it. To improve your website’s UX, there should be a seamless navigation system where users can move around your site easily. You can include search buttons and drop down menus to help users locate important information. In addition, ensure you have few clicks to allow users find what they want swiftly.

4. Enhance your Site Speed and Responsiveness

A business consultant can also make your website to be fast. Site speed is important in giving visitors a great user experience. Research shows that about 50% of website visitors expect sites to load within 2 seconds of clicking failure to which they abandon them for other sites. You should, therefore, make sure your site’s load time is about 2 seconds.

The page should also be responsive to users input. If your site does not give fast feedback to users’ requests, chances are, they will never visit your site again. Additionally, the site should give an output that the users expect.


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5. Use Visual Cues

Visual cues can be a great way to supplement your content and attract users to your site. Using images and videos strategically helps in enhancing the visual appeal of your site hence enhancing UI. The videos and images you use should be a reflection of your brand. This will help in growing your brand. This could be events for your business or even testimonies of your customers about your products and services.

It is advisable to balance your visual cues with the written content. Too many videos and images can slow your website which can drive site visitors away. Use visual cues for each page and they should be of small sizes.

You should also use attractive headers that are slightly larger than the rest of the content. Large headers can easily attract visitors to your visitors. They also act as checkpoints for visitors to easily navigate your page. This improves your website’s UI.

6. Conduct Tests and Improve your Design

There are high chances some hitches may escape an untrained eye. Business consulting can help you detect these hitches and correct them to improve UI and UX. Consultants can conduct mock tests to check on the performance of your website. There is a possibility of finding some elements of your site that do not work optimally.

You should make improvements on them and come up with a refurbished version of your website. Also, these tests give you the exact experience of your users. The results of the text should, therefore, be exactly what you want users to experience when they visit your site.

7. Make your Site Mobile Friendly

Over 50% of internet users today use their mobile phones to access the internet. This means that you are losing a large number of visitors if your website is not mobile friendly. In order to generate more visitors, site owners ought to make their sites look and function well on mobile phones.

A design that works well in both small and big screens makes your website to be more available. This is because it guarantees users a great UI and UX. This makes it rank high on google rankings hence attracting quality traffic.


A good website design services requires a great UX and UI. This will ensure you have a site that attracts quality traffic and provides a high conversion of these visitors to loyal customers. A website consultant has the expertise to improve your website UI and IX using the tips discussed above. With a great web consultant, it will be a matter of time before you experience good results.

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