The Game Marketing Guide: Pre and Post-Launch Strategies [Infographic]

The Game Marketing Guide: Pre and Post-Launch Strategies [Infographic]


It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it. This is the ancient rule of marketing that has forged many lucrative empires. It’s a concept that holds especially true for some of the most successful mobile gaming franchises that we know and love today.

For example, Fortnite is an amazing third-person shooter game, hands down. But it’s not the gameplay or concept that propels its success rather it’s the effort that goes into marketing. Last year alone, the company spent more than $100 million on advertising. Their faith was more than rewarded, realizing 10X as much in ROI. From PUBG Mobile and Pokémon Go to Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, the highest-grossing titles got to where they are through astute game marketing.

In this infographic, as the best game marketing agency, we reveal the best-kept secrets to help you join this elite group. We’ll hold your hand pre- to post-launch, with tips to fast-track downloads and revenue for your game. Take a look at the latest gaming industry statistics and effective strategies for a successful launch:

game marketing guide pre and post launch strategies

game marketing

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 1,  How can you strategically position your game for success in the continually expanding gaming industry of today?

  • Identifying key target markets
  • Creating well-crafted and customized messaging
  • Developing ads that deliver the right message at the right time
  • Ensuring that your website is optimized

2, What Is the Best Way to Market a Game?

  •  Reach Out To Trending Influencers

    • Gaming influencers use their popularity and vast influence to promote new gaming products, services, and accessories
    • Although the game influencer market hasn’t stopped growing (in 2024, it will be worth $16.4 billion)
  •  Create Video Content

    • 91% of brands rely on video for marketing
  •  Build An Online Presence

    • More than 4.5 billion global internet users are searching for anything and everything online
  • Join Social Media

    • 65% of social media users play games frequently
  •  Cross-Promote Your Game

    • Companies that implement cross-promotion strategies have reported an increase in revenue of up to 30%.
  • Make A Simple Website

    • A study by Newzoo found that 60% of gamers discover new games through online searches, emphasizing the importance of website SEO
  •  Get Reviews

    • 93% of download decisions are swayed by online reviews

3,  Pre-Launch Marketing Activities

    • Game Teasers

      • Generate hype with teaser trailers and posters
      • 30 seconds is the average duration of a game teaser trailer
    • Social Media Buzz

      • 59.9% of gamers potentially have a social media account
      • 3.2 billion social media accounts belong to gamers
      • 15% of all YouTube content is about video games
      • Beta Testing

        • Helps to engage players and gather feedback
        • 41% of gamers may not download a game if it has bugs
        • Press Releases

          • Share gaming content to the press release websites
          • 68% of brands report better product visibility with press releases

      4, Day Launch Marketing Activities

        • Countdown Event

          • The clock icon creates anticipation
          •  Countdown event timers can improve conversions by 432%
          • Digital Storefronts

            • Distribute the game across premier app marketplaces
            • $932 billion is the projected revenue across app stores in 2023
          • Early Access

            • Reward loyal fans with early access
            • The most popular early access game attracted over 29 million users

        5, Post-Launch Marketing Activities

          • Community Engagement

            • Maintain an active presence on forums and social media
            • Games that have active gamer communities experience increased player retention
            • Player Reviews

              • Encourage players to leave positive reviews
              • Games with good player ratings rank higher on digital app stores  
            • Updates and Patches

              • Enhance gameplay with regular updates
              • Successful brands update their apps for every 14 days

          6, Post-Launch Analytics

            • User Data

              • Analyzing player habits helps to identify what motivates gamers
            • Revenue Growth

            • Player Retention

              • Measure and improve player retention
              •  32% to 66% is the average retention rate for successful apps after 30 days
            • Feedback Integration

              • Implement player feedback for ongoing improvement

          Game marketing is key to success

          The vast majority of new games fail to turn a profit, with only 0.5% of all applications becoming successful. Furthermore, 68% of all new games end up amassing fewer than 1000 downloads. Game marketing is essential to turning the odds in your favor, and positioning your new game for success.

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