Captive Center

Captive Centers continue to be the key option of premier organizations to meet their sourcing needs. Multinational corporations leverage the offshore advantage of countries like India and China by setting up Captive Centers in these countries and pooling in resources to work for them.

Captive Centers are offshore subsidiaries set up by global corporations to work for the parent company. Dependent on the parent company for business and functioning, Captive Centers render cost-effective and time-effective services to the parent. They are indeed the true extensions of the onshore teams of the parent companies.

Why Captive Centers?

Captive Centers are cost effective; ensure proper control of offshore processes, resources, costs and technologies; allow Parent company to enjoy full intellectual rights and onshore buy-ins.

Who should set up Captives?

Global corporations that have long-term and larger resource requirements; companies that require intellectual property protection and need strong delivery processes can set up captive centers. Captives would be highly beneficial for organizations with a strong brand presence and larger market share.

How can we help you?

Dot Com Infoway can help companies set up Captive Centers in India. We can resource-pool professionals and assist you in meeting your sourcing needs. We are open to custom Captives that can benefit the parent company and help it grow and expand its bounds both on a vertical and lateral scale. Our Captive Center policies are flexible and tailor-made to suit clients’ needs. Contact us to know in detail about our Captives.


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