Tools to Track User Behavior on Your Website Step by Step Analysis

Our webinar will assist you with how to track user behaviour on your website, as well as the tools you’ll need – which help to collect the user information and how to understand the target audience better. Key Takeaways: In-depth session to discover about, – Google Analytics & website integration – How to check a […]

Make your Game Viral: How Can You Improve The Competitiveness Of Your Mobile Game App?

According to Data.ai, the mobile game sector saw a huge surge in 2021, with 82.98 billion game downloads and $116 billion in consumer expenditure on games. The gaming app’s success in this highly competitive market is due to a well-coordinated marketing plan that spans the whole consumer cycle, from user acquisition through conversion to a […]

Measure & Optimize ROI with Influencer Marketing

Key takeaways from the Webinar : * Why is influencer marketing important for brands looking to grow? * How brands can leverage success with influencer marketing * Key strategies & platforms you must know * Best practices for optimal ROI Apart from understanding the importance of influencer marketing in making brands grow, the seminar will […]

Beyond Installs – Mobile App Marketing KPIs and Metrics

  App downloads definitely propel your app to success but don’t define it. The key lies in app usage – on people who actually use the app, after downloading it. But how do you gauge that? Enter engagement metrics – KPIs that help you measure the true extent of your app’s success and help you […]

Influence of Mobile Apps in the Growth of IoT

In this changing landscape, it becomes pertinent for business owners and app developers to understand the effect of mobile applications on the development of IoT and how to leverage this trend to grow their business and make human life simpler. The insightful webinar focuses on the meaning and applications of IoT, guidance for designing mobile […]

Effective Tactics to Grow Loyal Users for your App [Organic & Paid User Acquisition]

  Mobile app retention is one of the key factors in an app’s continued success. Building and sustaining your app’s user-base requires a strategic combination of organic and paid user acquisition tactics. Sign up for our webinar today for a crash course on how to successfully build a loyal user-base for your app! Key Takeaways […]

Why Is SEO Marketing Important for A Startup?

  Developing an effective web-presence for your startup can be a challenge. However, when done right, SEO can give you that much-needed push. Join our webinar and gather concrete evidence on why SEO is important for a startup. Key Takeaways : * Importance of Local SEO Strategy – Focused Audience Group * SEO is a […]

How To Create A Killer Launch Plan For Your App

  Getting ready to launch a new app? No matter how great it is, in today’s cluttered app stores, it probably won’t speak for itself. The success of an app will often depend on the approach to marketing. Unfortunately the vast majority of app developers have little to no experience or marketing or managing a […]

Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Get Started with ASO (App Store Optimization)

  The webinar educate developers on the benefits of having a solid app launch plan before their app is ready to hit the stores. The session will cover a number of key points including the essentials of App Store Optimization (ASO), effective elements of pre- and post-launch marketing, strategies to promote your app to improve […]

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