Product Co-Development

Dot Com Infoway participates with independent software vendor clients in co-developing products within required business verticals, time-to-market periods and expenditures.

We create high-tech, offshore virtual development teams to collaborate with clients and develop products with expected usability, scalability, security and quality specifications. Our Product Co-development services include everything from design and development to testing, de-bugging, product implementation, product roll outs and support.

Dot Com Infoway’s exclusive ecosystem of project managers and developers work together with clients’ onsite teams to ensure seamless communication, real-time product tracking and hands-on development management. Our teams can adapt to any time zone and can manage SDLC from start to end.

We engage in co-developing both complete products and modules of large products. Our offshore teams coordinate with onsite teams to first construct Product Roadmaps and then do swift prototyping to help clients create business case for products.

Our Product Co-development offerings include:

Leveraging the best of technologies and our extensive product development experience, we assist clients in everything from reducing expenditures to coping with change management. Some of the significant advantages of our Product Co-development offerings include:
In keeping with global standards, Dot Com Infoway offers complete security on Intellectual Property rights with respect to product blueprints and other information.


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