Magzter Application has been acquired completely by Magzter Inc. For more information on Magzter please visit Magzter is now available on iTunes Store. Please click here to download.

For Readers

Magzter offers unimaginable reading experience for readers – a traditional reading experience enhanced with digital sophistication. With this app you get an ultimate book shop which has all the leading magazines published around the world, right on your hands. You can subscribe to magazines you want to buy right through the Magzter platform itself. What more, you can place such subscribed magazines on your digitized library (Magzter) and read them any time. As a reader, you get to read and enjoy free magazines too. This digital newsstand comes with an easy-to-use interface which redefines the very art of reading.

For Publishers

For publishers, Magzter is the most effective way to increase your revenue. Now, you can forget the hardship of printing all the copies overnight and distributing them to distant places. With Magzter, you can sneak into the reader’s house without even knocking at the door. You have to note the fact that when your magazine is available in the reader’s hands, the probability for the reader to buy the magazine is high. So, you can maximize the circulation, without spending much money. As a publisher, you can also find readers in distant corners of the world hands down!

Magzter is not just a mobile application. It is a sensational product that is going to rock the publishing industry worldwide. Key features of Magzter include


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