Balloonia – Mobile Apps Marketing Case Study

Balloonia – Mobile Apps Marketing Case Study


JVL Mobi is a world leader in casual, touch screen entertainment and specializes in providing mobile versions of its most popular amusement offerings. The makers of classics like What’s the Difference, Color Drops and Done Drinking, JVL Mobi features an ever-expanding variety of games to satisfy all tastes and strives to develop games that are fun to play and difficult to master.

About the App:

Balloonia is an addictive puzzle game. The goal is to arrange the air tubes to form a complete connection that will release your balloons high into the sky. Balloonia is one of those games that succeeds beautifully in terms of graphics and gameplay. The game itself is a thrilling and intricate challenge and will keep you involved with its three unique game modes.


JVL Mobi took some initial marketing efforts with the launch of Balloonia to publicize the app on the web. That wasn’t enough and the client wanted to cover all types of marketing tools that will help the app to be spoken about widely. The app had limited iTunes Store reviews and no mentions on app review websites. The main objective of the campaign was to target the US market and increase sales by spreading the news about the game.


After analyzing the initial marketing activities that had been done by the customer, our team formulated a strategy that included press release distribution to highly targeted media resources, contacting iPhone reviewers based in the US and news agencies and getting App Store reviews and rating.

We also suggested a new app pricing strategy which helped the app secure top ranks in the charts. The app was made free for a day and the offer was sent to media outlets through press release distribution, which secured maximum exposure and visibility for the app among the target customers.

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