Barottas – Mobile App Development Case Study

Barottas – Mobile App Development Case Study

The Client

The client approached Dot Com Infoway with his plans to develop an app for his restaurant called Barottas. Barottas is a restaurant which provides peoples people’s favorite local food in their the most hygienic form while delivering the same taste. The restaurant provides parottas with more than 100 different combinations, which allows users to make their own combos so that they can enjoy a new dish every time they order.

The Challenge

The client’s requirement was to create an app with a great user experience that provides users an easy and simple way to order food from the comfort of their home/office and getting it delivered at their doorstep without any hassle . The market for online-based home delivery of food is on the rise as the users enjoy the convenience of eating quality restaurant food at any place of their choice.Barottas platform should enable it to expand beyond its brick and mortar stores – rather than being restricted by the number of available seats,Barottas should be able to deliver meals to a much larger clientele anywhere in the city by leveraging technology.

Proposed Solutions

Different types of menus and services:

All the various food items in the menu are easily accessible and can be chosen and ordered without any hassle. The application provides various categories of service such as A-la-carte, combo compartment and also a selected list of ‘Most Popular combos’, Users can make their own combo compartment under the combos section that can be ordered to the cart.

Favorite delivery location:

The application also provides users the option to select and save their favorite delivery location, providing the user a option to complete their checkout much more easily. Users can change or update their favorite delivery location anytime.

Combo Compartment:

The restaurant provides more than 100 combos, and for all those combinations to be easily accessible for the customer, the application required something more than regular menu selection and checkout process. The solution was the innovative combo compartment. The combo compartment provides four different types of combo boxes, where the customer can see the compartments such as starter, main course, gravy, etc., and select those compartments to fill them with their preferred
choice of food items from the menu. This not only makes it easy for the customer to choose the foods but also provides a visual appeal to the application.

Copyrighted Model:

The restaurant’s business model has been copyrighted and is an intellectual property of the client, which entitles theclient with complete control over their work.

Application’s own wallet:

Users have their own wallet, and any credits obtained will be added directly to their wallet. Users can earn credits by referring their friends to the application. This motivates users to refer the app and also order food through the app to use the credits received.

Additional Features:

Takeaway options for the ordered food for users preferring to visit the restaurant. Exciting offers can be given to the users at times which will be displayed in the offers section in the application to promote the sales. Users can pay via Credit Card, Debit Card or Net banking. Cash-On-Delivery mode of payment is also available for the user.

The Results

The application provided a quick way for Barottas to expand their market, to benchmark themselves against their competition and to improve their offer. It enabled Barottas to become visible in the online and mobile world by providing them with an industry leading software and technology which helped generate additional demand. For consumers, the application offered the convenience to order their food online and choose from the widest range of choices provided by Barottas from which they could choose their favorite meal via app or online with just a few clicks. Barottas’ user friendly application has made it easily accessible and available for the customers to access it from anywhere, anytime.
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