Burning Bubbles Lab – Mobile Apps Marketing Case Study

Burning Bubbles Lab – Mobile Apps Marketing Case Study


TLogic.de is a Heidelberg, Germany-based software developer of everything from the most exciting games to the most serious client-server applications. TLogic.de aims to provide users with software that can entertain, educate, empower and uplift.

About the App:

Burning Bubbles Lab, a full version bubble-shooter game, is an addictive gaming challenge in which a scientist at a chemical lab has to eliminate the colored, toxic bubbles in groups of three. Burning Bubbles Lab is an engaging, multi-leveled gaming experience that also allows users to compete against thousands of challenge missions created and named by other users.


Burning Bubbles Lab app was updated to make it a universal app that supports iPads. The app also had to contend with an array of competitive games, based on similar game play.


The marketing plan included app store keywords research and implementation, app description optimization and a PR campaign targeting leading technology websites.

The PR campaign started with a press release distribution which increased media coverage for our new product. The information on the app was also submitted to iPhone related websites, which resulted in additional exposure. Buzz about the app was also created in various social networking websites.

Success Stories


DCI has really made a great amount of effort and did excellent work in promoting my app. Thank you very much for this. I believe that their efforts contributed a lot to the good reception of the iPad release of Burning Bubbles Lab – Johannes Fieres , Owner, Tlogic.de

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