Call Answering App

Call Answering App


Auto Answering App do responses to all incoming calls based on user-mode preference. Now get familiar with do not disturb mode with more specific responses.

      This app is more stable and uses very little memory with the following features:

  • Reject all calls
  • Receive all calls
  • Receive specific calls
  • Reject specific calls

All these can be performed at the user’s desired time intervals along with user preferred replies. This app helps users avoid unwanted calls. It was like the conventional answering machine, but it has many more features compared to the conventional answering machine.


Auto Answering Machine is a mobile application that helps users avoid unwanted calls. The Auto Answering Machine comes with the following features,

  • Auto Recorded messages for different activities,
    • Sleep mode
    • Driving mode
    • Meeting mode
    • Exercise mode
    • Food
    • Movie
    • Vacation mode
    • Function mode
  • Manage contacts as Prime contacts and Default Contacts
  • Automate switching between the Message mode and Call Answering mode
  • Option for Voice message
    • Convert voice message to Text format
  • Type in the message
  • Notification
  • Send a flash message for a Text message 


  • Design – Simple, creating a good experience with a cheerful design yet useful and easy to navigate. Customers need to understand that technology can help them search, view business around you and share your location.
  • Classifying Contact List – To allow the user to classify the Contact list to Prime or Default. Make the app consider the contacts and automatically send the messages or block the numbers
  • Send Auto Messages – Allow the application to trigger messages automatically when the mode is toggled between Call Answering mode and Message mode
  • Voice to Text – To convert the voice message to a Text-based message


Phase 1:

We understood that the Mobile application proposed is a complicated and unique app that has to be a platform that will bring the life of the user to manage and respond to all incoming calls based on user-mode preference.

  • We planned to proceed with the development in 2 phases
  • Requirement gathering/Elicitation
  • Wireframing and Prototype
  • ER diagram

As planned, Dot Com Infoway provided the Wireframe as per the functionality discussed of the mobile application which when approved by the client, we worked on a functional Prototype. This made it very simple for the design team to provide a professional design as expected by the client.

Phase 2:

We followed a standard multi-phased approach for the mobile app development project. In the second phase, we did all the following things,

  • Development
  • Testing
  • UAT
  • Deploying a mobile app to the play store

Next, Our team started building the following thing under the approval of the Functional Prototype by the client.

  • Database
  • Integrating the Prototype into a functional mobile application.

We run unit tests on all stages to ensure that the bugs are minimal during the testing phase.


  • The client is happy and proud to join hands with DCI in developing a mobile application that has provided a satisfactory app to maintain the safety of the users. The client is happy with the UI/UX which is professional and provides easy navigation. The app has attracted more user registration and which in turn helped the users in responding to calls without neglecting the calls. The effort and the dedication of the DCI team of developers are truly amazing. The true dedication and highly talented resources of our organization made the Client achieve its great heights.
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