DataRay-Healthinary – Mobile App Development Case Study

DataRay-Healthinary – Mobile App Development Case Study

The Client

DataRay – Healthinary is a hospital management app that is aimed at reducing the voluminous paperwork generated by hospitals. The multi-user app can be used by the Nurse, Doctor and Pharmacist to move the complete patient lifecycle at a hospital online.

The app workflow is divided into three major parts. First, the Nurse logs in to get the patient details and shares them with the Doctor. Next, the Doctor examines the patient and shares his or her readings and gives a prescription which is recorded online. This prescription is finally sent to the Pharmacist who can download it in pdf format and give the specified medicines to the patient.

The Challenge

DataRay app offers a revolutionary solution to move the voluminous paperwork involved in the healthcare industry online. However, there were several challenges to be overcome before delivering a winning app.

Multi-user Access – Nurse, Doctor and Pharmacist can login with the same app with different screens for all

Digital Readings – The app eliminates paperwork completely. It allows Doctors to record patient readings online that can be instantly accessed by Nurses for further action. Prescriptions are also made and shared online to prevent the use of paper.

Admin Control – To maintain overall control, the app can be managed through an Admin or Super Admin login that prevents unauthorised access.

Complete Security – This app’s API is developed using the Laravel framework with maximum level of security

Accessibility – The app is designed to enable the users to add multiple patient details and maintain family records with a single phone number.

Proposed Solutions

Through intelligent use of technology, we were able to meet the above-mentioned challenges. Some of the solutions we adopted include:

Patient Readings – In the app, patient readings are colour coded for better visibility. For example, if the body temperature is above 100 degrees, the reading will blink with red colour.

Inventory – It is possible to maintain the stock of prescription drugs with real-time updates on dosage and duration of the course.

User Access – At any time, a user (Nurse or Doctor) can be made inactive by the Admin so that he or she no longer has access to any patient records.

The Results

DataRay – Healthinary application is all set to change the way the healthcare industry operates around the world. In addition to saving paper, the app saves a lot of time for nurses and doctors who can digitally update and access patient data in just a few clicks. The main achievements of the app are:
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Quick management of patient data
  • Improved user experience
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