Diet Butler- Mobile Apps Marketing Case Study

Diet Butler- Mobile Apps Marketing Case Study


App Moments is a London, UK-based software company specializing in a wide array of multimedia applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. App Moments aims to provide software that is of professional quality and intrinsically user-friendly enough to be used for the betterment of the customer; even if the usage of said application is confined to the random, available moments which comprise existence in a fast-paced and dynamic world.

About the App:

Diet Butler – a pocket-sized, albeit high-powered, personal nutritional assistant, determines ideal daily caloric intake based on a calculation of standard physical data that is uncomplicated and easy to compute. Once Diet Butler has configured the ideal intake, it offers a wide range of features which help in keeping dieters motivated, on-track and safely protected from common weight management pitfalls.


With an increasing number of developers fighting for their spot in the App Store’s top rankings, standing out from such competition requires great effort. In addition to this, the App Store is already saturated with popular diet apps. The challenge was to differentiate Diet Butler from other similar apps. Prior to the launch of Diet Butler, the market was already flooded with diet related apps. We had to invent and develop a specific approach that would help Diet Butler reach the target group as a unique app.


A fully integrated marketing approach was needed for the Diet Butler app. When the app was already in the pre-launch stage of its development, our marketing team created a customized promotion plan that could put the app above competitors. The process was segmented into three phases:

Pre-launch Promotions:

The app was fine-tuned during a series of consulting sessions before final submission to the App Store. In the App Store, specific marketing steps were performed that included the creation and optimization of an app description that sells. With a thorough discussion of the design, we did our best to find a way of making attractive screen shots and a catchy icon for the app.

On-launch Promotions:

A massive and focused PR campaign targeted at news sites, diet blogs, app review sites, video bloggers etc. was carried out. To draw more attention to the app launch, our marketing team focused on delivering the information on the app to iPhone related web sites and various diet resources.

Post-launch Promotions:

We ensured that the app reached the app experts, reviewers and generated editor reviews from them, thereby getting more visibility and downloads for the app. We also generated a massive traffic from our Ad network to provide higher app visibility and gain more exposure throughout multiple channels.

The dedicated resource was reporting daily to keep the client updated with the latest happenings.

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