Amigo Central – Application Development Case Study

Amigo Central – Application Development Case Study


Amigo Central is an online initiative of a multinational company excelling in the business of web design and development. Operating on a global arena, the company started Amigo Central with the objective of facilitating an online platform for friends/strangers/like-minded people to stay connected and establish casual/business relationships across continents.


The client approached Dot Com Infoway for the design and development of, a social networking site that facilitates an online platform for users to stay connected with friends.

Key challenges posed by the client:


Dot Com Infoway framed a two-phased strategy to meet the client’s requirements.

Phase I:

Phase I mainly comprised of analysis and planning. The web development team of the company took stock of the resources available and analyzed on the technology that can be deployed to create

Few initiatives taken by the web development team in Phase I:

Phase II:

If Phase I was about planning, Phase II was about execution of the plan. Phase II saw the implementation and actual development of the site.

The web development team worked per schedule and created the site using the following means and below features:


Dot Com Infoway’s strategic, well-executed two-phased approach paid off when the work-product was launched., with smart marketing, became an instant hit in the social media circle with many users signing up and inviting their friends to sign up. The client, pleased with the work-product, appreciated the efforts of our web developers to a great extent. now stands as a social networking site that is on par with popular community sites like Facebook and Orkut. Its clean, white background and easy navigability has attracted active participation from users.

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