Galatta – Application Development Case Study

Galatta – Application Development Case Study

Client is a complete movie portal which provides movie content in six different languages. An aggregator of all movie related content, delivers news, gallery, audio and video content to millions of users online. A media initiative by Dot Com Infoway, is reputed to be South India’s number one movie portal.


Building as a complete movie portal was one of the key challenges for Dot Com Infoway. The site, diversified into many sub domains, required built-in features including live music streaming, IPTV, blogs, discussion forums, facility to run contests and above all, a hassle-free, risk-free content management admin that allows easy updation of movie content (news, gallery, audio and video) into the site.


Dot Com Infoway met the key challenges posed by by adopting a phase-by-phase approach. The design and development team of the company framed an action plan for the site and executed it according to schedule.

Phase I:

Phase I involved analyzing the client requirements, choosing the appropriate technology and charting the action plan for building the site.

Phase II:

Phase II saw the execution of the action plan framed in Phase I. The web design and development team built the site on ASP and furnished it with the following features:


Dot Com Infoway has replenished with all features required for a complete movie portal. The portal’s high-end technology and bandwidth reduces download time and favors future enhancements also.
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